Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy First Birthday Bloggity Blog!


It has been a FUN two weeks of pre-celebrations!

To think, a YEAR ago today, I kicked off this fun little corner of the internet with this little intro post....

My little blog about cupcakes, tea, coffee, and the occasional hot dog has turned into so much more!

And I have made a lot of bloggy friends.

Yes, my sister and my mom think I'm crazy.

I don't even remember what the original header looked like. But it was probably a blogger standard.

I think the place spiffed up pretty well. Still basic. But I think she is lovely.

So I one year, I have posted 137 posts (including this one)...most of those in the last 6 months.

We had a bit of a rocky start.

Anyway, we got a good groove going, and two weeks ago, I opened the comment floodgates for the very first Cuppa Kim Blog-i-versary Mug Swap. 

I kinda think it was a hit.
Thirty-three of you all signed up to swap some mugs!
You're welcome, USPS.

Mugs have been FLYING through the skies, traveling by highways and byways to get to all of you!
Here is just a little sample of what is out there:

A lot of you told me you mailed your mug today or yesterday - so if you haven't gotten your mug yet, it's on it's way.

So, if you don't have it by Friday, PLEASE let me know, ASAP and I'll follow up with your sender!

So, I know what you are all waiting here to find out....who is the big winner?
Well, I put everyone's name on a piece of paper. Extra names for tweeting, blogging, and buttoning up.
You were all in there. My lovely assistant Betsy folded each entry!

Yes, grainy cell phone pick of the drawing bucket.
In terrible lighting.

Congrats Lori D!!! I think it is fabulous that you won! You are my first official "blog fan."
A few months ago, we were having our garage sale at the Johnson's - and Lori walked up asking where Jess was. I introduced myself and she said "Oh, I know, you are Cuppa Kim! I read your blog!"

So thanks for being a reader and a fun twitter buddy! Since you are local, the blog-giveaway fairy will be dropping off your goodies this week!!!

And thanks again to the rest of you for participating - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And thanks to everyone who reads this little blog! I love all of your comments and friendship!

The mug swap might have been my favorite blog post ever!

What has been yours?


  1. that owl mug is a hoot!
    hahaha i kill myself.

  2. YAAAYYYY! That just made my day! :)
    Thank you so much! Thank you for being a great twitter friend too! And, partly because of your influence, I've been riding my bike more.
    Have a great day!

  3. Happy 1 year of blogging!! I mailed my muggity mug yesterday!! Thanks again for hosting. Loved this swap! :)

  4. Happy birthday, 'A cuppa Kim'!!!!!

  5. {good grief, katy, YOU are a hoot!}


  6. Thanks for sharing the anniversary love with us! It was fun! I'm a tad concerned that my swapper hasn't received her mug, tho, cuz I sent it last Monday!!!

  7. Happy 1 year blogoversary! What fun things you did in preparation for this big day! I hope you do another mug swap (or something like it). I'd love to join!

  8. Congrats, girl! Love your blog. : )

  9. Happy birthday Cuppa KIm!

    Was fun to participate in the mug swap, I'll blog and email you a picture of my beautiful mug!

    All those mugs are so cute!

  10. I'm so glad you started blogging
    and I'm glad I met you!
    It's fun when blog friends
    become real friends.
    Tell your mom and sis it's ok.
    We're not totally crazy.


  11. I love the mug mosaic. they are all so different! Mine has been on the road (in the air) since Monday, I hope it makes it way safely over the big pond! Looking forward to the second year!

  12. LOVED the mug swap. love that Lori won. although my name is also lori sometimes. no? ok.