Monday, August 22, 2011

Sisters on the Town

The Grovers and Steigers go way back.

I'm talking playing with the cardboard bricks, fighting over the sit and spin, and riding side by side on the spring loaded ponies in the nursery at church, back.

So far back that I don't remember when we became friends.

But our mama's are friends.
Which means we are too.

Two sisters.
Three and a half years apart.
Nurse Daughters, or ND's for short.
A sense of wanderlust and adventure.

We had a lot in common.

Which I think is why our friendship has stood the test of time.

I mean, check this photo out. You won't see any forehead.
We girls knew how to rock the solid bangs.
Pouty girl in the middle is my sister.
She perfected the pout before it was the standard MySpace pose.

Our mom's took us into the city to help serve the Seamen's Mission.

I don't remember doing any work.
Just eating their belgian waffles.
Although, now that I look at the picture, maybe they were technically scandinavian waffles?

We talk about those waffles to this day.
I have never EVER had a waffle so good.

Anyway, we have done a lot of adventures together. Disneyland. Hawaii. Tahoe.

Anyway, we were due for another sister date.
So we headed to the city to replicate an adventure we took last spring.
The San Francisco Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and brunch at the Market Bar.

The morning started with Blue Bottle.
You gotta at least try it once.
But be ready to wait in line for 20 minutes.
The jury is still out on if it is worth the wait.
But their logo is cute.
And their waffle isn't half bad.
Not as good as the mission. But good.

We explored the Ferry Building. And all of its crowded quirky glory.
I bought a super cute succulent.
In a mug.
It's my first.
I don't do plants.
I have a palm tree.
That I water about 6 times a year.
Which reminds me....

The best part of this farmer's market - is that it is in both the front and the back of the building.
The first time we explored, we discovered the entire back section.
Which is way bigger.
And way better.

And this time around, WAY more variety, quality, and even though it was crowded we actually were able to get to a lot of the booths and find out about the products and produce being peddled.
Um, or eat their free samples.
Tomato. Tomahto.

Does everything not look awesome?
Cindy bought us each a pluot.
Which I ate when I got home.
And I kinda wish she bought me seven.

The flowers were fresher.
All around lovelier.

I bought a bundle of lavender.
Which smelled divine.
Lavender scent reminds me of the nap class that I took in college.

You think I'm kidding about the nap class?
No. I got one unit for napping.


And I passed.
Like that was even a question.

I also drew naked people.
But that was a different class.

Those are different posts all together.
Back to the farmer's market.
And fully clothed people.

Like these guys...a live band.
Best comment of the day, was my sister's, regarding them...

"Well....I guess if Needtobreathe isn't available"

They kinda looked like them.
And sounded like them.
I don't know. Maybe that comment was just funny to me.
Moving on...

Some of the vendors get kinda bossy.
You don't want to mess with them.
Especially when they tell you samples are mandatory.
Oh fine.
If you insist.

We wined and dined at the Market Bar.
There was a lot of bacon involved.
And mimosas.
And more bacon.

After a fab brunch, back to the Ferry Building to use the restrooms explore.

I could have bought one of everything.
But the visa bill and my jeans won't allow it.
So I settled for taking pictures.

Yes, that is sombrero shaped pasta.
And rainbow lasagna.
I think the black and white bow ties are adorbs.

These are the baby sisters. One is a hygienist, and got a kick out of the dental fund at the candy shop.
And one is a nurse. Who loves all things nerdy.

We love them both.

Finally, we made a stop in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
We don't have CB&TL in the burbs.
I know, call us underprivileged.

In fact, I have only been to Coffee Bean one time in my life.
When I went to a private Hilary Duff concert a few years back.
And stalked Perez Hilton - at what he then considered his "office".

See, this is the picture we took with him. But I cropped my sister and I out.
2006 wasn't a hot year.
You're welcome.

Anyway, CB&TL is a bit of a novelty around these parts.
So we may have geeked out a bit.
But it was fun.
And Cindy bought me a light blended vanilla whirly doo.
Who knows what they call their drinks.
I can't keep it straight.
But it was delish.

And the nerdy shoe shot?
Taken by my sister.
But not posed.
We actually were just sitting like that.
Do you even care?
Time to stop typing?
Yeah, I thought so.

The good news is tomorrow is my actual blog-i-versary.
And I announce the winner of my mug swap giveaway.

Did you get your mug?
Did you mail your mug?

You have until tomorrow to do it.
Police yourselves people.

And come back tomorrow.
Maybe I'll post one of my sketches of naked people.* **

*I totally won't.
**At least not tomorrow.

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  1. Such a fun post! Happy Blogiversary tomorrow!! Love the pictures and the humor!

  2. -Your blog always makes me smile.

    -I don't do plants either but this year I somehow managed to keep some herbs alive all summer.

    -Seeing that shoe pic makes me want a pair of Toms.For reals.

  3. Wow, how much fun. Don't worry about your succulent. I kill plants all the time. My succulents are the only survivors.

  4. the throw back is amazing! pretty sure i only went to the mission for the waffles. i mean, why else would you go?

    and yes, i love all things geekery. well, mostly anyway.

    market bar (and it's mimosa's) are delish. i'm glad that's a tradition.

    glad our mom's were friends. (which i think we owe to my baby cuteness 25 years ago...)

  5. Oh my gosh, love this post! Nap class? Where do I sign up??! Sisters are such a blessing, how cool that you are so close with yours!

  6. Coffee Bean!!!! My quarterly trip to the nearest Coffee Bean (2 1/2 hours away) is on Sunday!

  7. This Might be my favorite post ever. So many things to laugh about! You went to a private hilary duff concert? I think your dork meter just moved up the scale!

  8. This looks like such fun! The produce is beautiful. My husband would have loved to try the peaches.

  9. I think you're so cool, Kim. :-D I love that you got credit for a nap class-- I totally want to hear more about that. It's wonderful to have friends that go that far back with you. So fun!

  10. So jealous! You guys always make me wish I had a sister and sister friends, not to be confused with sister wives..

  11. Look at that pasta! So cute! Looks like a lot of fun. You make me laugh. "2006 wasn't a hot year. You're welcome." haha! Great post!

  12. How fun! You girls are adorable and I miss you all! :)

  13. So. Much. Fun. And great pics! You practicing with your Nikon before your big trip? ;)

  14. What a great telescopic view of friendship, past, present, and future...
    can you tell I'm back in teacher mode... ugh...
    I was glad I got to spend my last few moments of "summer vacation freedom" on a sister date! It was amazing... hydrangeas are still going strong, succulent looks happy, when are we having our next date?! Let's plan that STAT! :)

  15. pretty sure i ate half that pulot. and it was GOOD.

    and you are KILLING me with the perez hilton crop haha "you're welcome." you are OOC fo sho.

  16. also, the nerdiest part of the shoe shot is YOUR untrendy shoes.

    that's all :).

  17. This looks like a great day out!

    P.S.: Happy Blogiversary!!!

  18. shut up! perez hilton.
    i love the oldie photos. and the pasta.
    almost too pretty to eat. almost.


  19. okayyyyy i was REALLY behind. you are going to have a comment bomb in your Mediterranean inbox. love your girls. 2 fave sister pairs.

  20. Ok I took a blog break in August. So I missed Perez. So lame.

    I started reading him in 2006 every single day at work. Like 87 times a day. Then I suddenly stopped. He seems nice in the pic. Was he nice?