Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday {Birthday} Blessings

Today is the big day. I have left my 20's behind (and they were quite fabulous) and have entered the world of being a 30-something.
Sans the something.
I am just 30.
Thirty. Flirty. and Thriving.  (...anybody...?)

See...this is totally me:

I have been blessed with thirty years of awesome. Amazing family, friends, and adorable puppies. God has called me his own, and reveals more of Himself to me each day, let alone each year. Praise Him for thirty fantastic years.

Here is a quick recap:

Getting to 30 takes work. Like turning one.

And two.

Those were the cute years....

But you must go through the awkward times (curly bangs!) as well. Say, twelve?

And 29. We'll just leave 13-28 to the imagination. the time you are reading this, I'll be utilizing my junior high and high school Spanish (shout outs to Mrs Heyer!) in Barcelona!

And I'll be well on my way as a THIRTY year old!

So, since I can't be with you today, I give you permission - actually I demand - that you grab a cuppa-tea and a cuppa-cake and celebrate!

And, PROMISE me you will come back tomorrow...and the rest of the next two weeks (yep, it is a big commitment I'm asking of you)....for my While You Were Out series of posts.

I kinda think they are awesome. 
Consider it a party up in here. 
All day. 
Every day. 
On the Cuppa Kim blog.

Throw some confetti. Blow up a few balloons. And party hardy.


  1. The Happiest of Birthdays to you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have so much fun on your trip!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  5. Happy 30th birthday, Girl!!!

  6. happy 30th! No cake here, but I'll be eating PIE in your honor!

  7. Happy Birthday to my lovely Kim!! Miss you but know you will have an amazing time!

  8. Happy Birthday! (I'm 3 years less one day older as I will be 33 tomorrow!!) Have a safe and blessed trip to Barcelona!!!

  9. Happy Birthday... or should I say... feliz cumpleaños a ti,
    feliz cumpleaños querida Kim, feliz cumpleaños a ti!! ;) (Thanks Mrs. Heyer!)
    Hope you are having a blast!!! Miss you already!!

  10. Happy happy happiest of birthdays, Kim! I hope it is awesome for you! :-D

  11. Haaaaaaaaaaaaappy 3-0! You're gorgeous, and I am sure your awkward teen years weren't THAT BAD! And even if they were, you were adorable enough as a baby to make up for it.
    Have fun in Barcelona!

  12. HAPPY 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day was fabulous! Jealous of your travels...I have never been to Europe! While you are off gallivanting in foreign lands I am back to school teaching. Boo for me, YEAH for you!!!

  13. Happy belated 30th!!!! The 30s rock! Trust me! x

  14. HAPPY 30th KIM and welcome to the 30's!!!

    love the flashback pix! 13-28 weren't hot years for me either (what was i thinking?).

    i celebrated my 30th by throwing a hoe-down/chili cook-off for 80 something friends...but YOWZA! i like your idea even better!!!

    have a BLAST!

  15. but 13-28 was the BEST!!! especially 28! but i think this trip blows that one out of the water. broken toilets and all. happy birthday, kim!