Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Free Entertainment

This post is kinda random.
But I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite YouTube videos.
They make me laugh.

...i have a feeling you aren't going to find them funny...

And some are kind of old. So you have probably seen them before.

But, nothing like an old YouTube throwback or two.

I have shown you this one before:

And this one too:

This one makes my heart happy:

And when was the last time you got some Antoine in your life...I know you've seen it:

And Jaxie posted this one...I watched the whole thing...you totally don't have to:

And, please. Watch this one. I don't know why. But it strikes me as funny:

And if you watched that one, you MUST watch this one:

Okay, and last one, if you are still hanging around, it is pure randomness. But brilliant:

And, Keri posted this one...I may have contributed to about 3,000 of those views...

And I HAD to have more Sexy Sax Man...so I found this video - a "behind the scenes" clip - it brings me to tears every time. And yes, 500,000 those views are me....

Serious points if you watched any or all of these. I have a few more up my sleeve...
Have you seen any of these before?
What are your favorite YouTubes?
Give me some good ones!!

That is it for today - hopefully an Arizona recap soon, and 411 on my living room pillow overhaul.

Yeah - it is a BIG week over here on this blog. ;)

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  1. Sexy Sax Man is definitely my fave. Especially in the Azusa laundromat. Nothing gets sexier than that.

  2. These are GREAT! The Poodle workout vid is way creepy though. :)

    I'll keep this brief, but here are a few of my youtube faves:



  3. We have a kid who does the "Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife" impersonation. It's so great.

  4. I've seen (and love) Denver and Antoine before, but not the others. I'll have to watch them! Sometimes I cruise FunnyorDie.com just to watch the pet videos. Yeah. I'm lame like that. :)

  5. Sexy Sax Man melts my heart lol. Its so sad how I can watch that and Antoine over and over. Portlandia- Put a bird on it is still a major fave too!

  6. seriously with the poodle one? you have the weirdest youtube video taste. dogs, cats, and hairy men :)

  7. UM this might be my favorite LOL post of all time. First, the guitar father and daughter duo made my heart really happy, the way she looked at him when she first sang "home is wherever I'm with you" made me almost cry! And the cats are HILARIOUS. Where do you find these vids?

    I'll be honest. I didn't want the poodle vid. I think the front photo scared me away from watching, and the fact that I don't really like poodles.

    Anyways..loved this post :)

  8. the maple kind, yea???

    this one beats hide yo kids, although both will inducted into the youtube hall of fame fo sho.

  9. wow, no words. okay maybe that was three. wendy HAS to you tube 'that kid'. fo sho.