Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Halloween-o-gram

Last week Hannah posted her Care-Bear collection on the 'gram.
I mentioned that I had a Care-Bear found in my grandma's basement, and also WAS a Care-Bear one Halloween.

They demanded pictures.
Sadly. I wasn't able to track down any pics of me in the costume.
I was pretty sure I was the pink one, Love-a-lot.
But, maybe I was a brown one?

Anyhoodle, I did find this awesome pic of me and two of my elementary school friends, playing dress up.

Costumes have come so far from scratchy tablecloth plastic and bank robbery masks.
But I'm pretty sure, the first 6-7 years of my life were these types of costumes.
At least my collection was awesome.

I was She-Ra, in case you couldn't tell.
Also, please note my tagalong.
My mom ALWAYS made me play with her.
Except for the last half hour of playdates.
It was the best half hour.

I also mentioned I was Ernie one year.
I refused to wear the mask.
Because, obviously.
There was no Bert.
I was just Ernie. 
Also my dad terrified me with the fake blood.
I don't think we actually went trick-or-treating,
my parents were too busy calming their traumatized 3 year old.

Speaking of Trauma.
October 17, 1989.
The world shook.
Where were you?
I was right here.
Under that mantel.
Taking a picture with that pumpkin.
We had just gotten home from the patch.
As soon as I ran to the doorway a vase crashed down where I had been sitting.
Not exactly sure how my parents managed to get me to pose like that.
It might have been the awesome sequins that helped me get through it.
Favorite costume of life.

And how cute was I here?
I wore this costume a LOT.
And then guess who else wore my costumes a lot?
I mean really, can't I have my own fashion identity.

Lastly, this isn't a costume, but nothing says baller like a legit 80's tracksuit.
I had it going on.


  1. Those are AWESOME!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. That's hysterical! Oh I remember those horrible apron costumes all too well! Oooo maybe that's what I'll have my kids be this year! VINTAGE trick-or-treaters!

  3. Those are awesome. I always had the weirdest Halloween costumes. I was Helen Keller, Charlie Chaplin, Jane Goodall...and Catwoman. :)

  4. I I had to speed read this due to my intense fear of masks. You may think I'm joking but I am not. I hate masks. Your track suit is the bomb. It is my birthday so I refuse to delete the extra I at the beginning of this comment.

  5. Um, laura wearing the She-Ra mask. I die.

  6. girl you've got it goin on in that track suit.

  7. These pictures are CRACKING ME UP!

  8. I can't even handle this. I'm laughing SO hard!! I can't move past those masks! I wish I had amazing Halloween pictures to share. My mom just dressed me up as Snow White every year since I have dark hair and pale skin.

  9. kim. i read this post the other day. have NOT stopped seeing the masks since then.

    also, Y U so cute?!

    p.s. visit me. we ain't palm springs, but i need you.

  10. i hope you still have that she-ra costume, because it is awesome and your own daughter might want to ear it some day.
    i still have my annie costume, see...

    and to answer your earthquake question...i was a junior in high school, and i worked (oh, i don't even want to tell you because it is humiliating) at carl's jr. (i had to support my 65 ford falcon love). i was standing next to rack stocked with hamburger buns, and it and everything shook. i was in oakdale (2 hrs away from san fran). it must have been TERRIFYING for you.

  11. this blog is SEVERELY out of control.

    your sister is a hot little kid mess.

    please be ernie again for halloween this year.

  12. Awesome costume pics. Those masks are the best. I used to watch He-Man all the time... that and Smurfs!

    Did that quake affect LA, too. I'm thinking I got to stay home from school that day... senior year. It may have been another quake, though. During the 1994 Northridge quake I was in Big Bear on my honeymoon. We'd just driven over an overpass that collapsed the day before. Crazy.