Friday, June 8, 2012

What's New Pussycat?

First off.
I don't like cats.
So I'll just put that out there.
We will address that again in a minute.

Second off, here's whats been going on over the last week or two.
Spent the week at the parentals taking care of Mylie and Chloe.
And watering plants.
I don't do plants.
You're welcome, dad.

Getting up early, taking Mylie for a walk in the hills, and catching some gorgeous sunrises. 

Ashlyn brought some toy cats to church.
We had to have a discussion about them and how we feel about cats.
Friends don't let friends like cats.

Grover-Steiger-Sister-Date to my favorite Thai House in the City.
You sit on the floor (but your feet get to hang under the table) and they take your shoes.
Super fun experience.

There was national donut day.
You bet your donut hole I celebrated.

I'm back at home now.
So mornings consist of early wogs (that is a walk/jog for those of you who are curious).
Through Central Park.
I found this beaut in the rose garden. 
I feel like it is for 
Mrs...Mrs. Inglesias.

Tuesday at lunch, Schnoodlekins had some kind of mega injury.
I felt so terrible for her, she was crying and in so much pain just from running across the yard to me.
So we sat together on the couch for an hour.
And she was still whimpering.
She was the saddest dog on the block.
Barely able to hobble on 3 legs.
NOT barking at the mailman.
NOT shadowing anyone in the kitchen.
Something was very wrong.

My mom called me that afternoon to take her to the vet.
She sat in the waiting room crying for 10 minutes straight (no joke) while I held her.
I think she was a little traumatized from her last visit.

Eventually, she calmed down, a bit.
And settled in on the exam table.
She even gave me a little smile.

As far as we can tell, nothing is broken.
Hopefully just a bad sprain or some kind of muscular skeletal injury.
But, pupster is now on House Arrest once more.
She is NOT happy about that. 
Her walking buddy just got home, and she can't go out and play.

Thursday nights, a group of us meet up to workout.
My very rude brother in law makes us do squats.
And more squats.
Sometimes he makes us do burpees.
Sometimes I let him know how much I hate him.
But the last two weeks we have had a good sized group.
And a frisbee.
And an hour of running around a field.
Beats squats any day.

This is my frisbee injury.
Do you see those two purple marks, they hurt.
It hurts to hold a coffee cup. 
This is a major problem for me.
I'm posting it for my sister.
I will keep you posted on my injury status.
Have I mentioned that I have a low pain tolerance?

Margaret facetimed me from Nepal.
Her connection was even better than when Dave and Jon facetimed from Africa.
Nepal wins this time. 
Also, Missions in 2012 are CRAZY thanks to Mr. Jobs.
 It was 6:30am.
I had just finished a run.
She is lucky I even answered.
Pardon the blur.

If you want to know what her and her team are up to, check out their updates here.
And do me a favor, spend some time praying for them today, will you?
They have asked us to pray fervently for them. 
They are heavy on my heart today.

Please check out this cuteness.
Favorite status is still in full effect.
Check out that smile.
And girlfriend was flashing gangsigns.
I wish I could take credit for teaching her.
But I think she is just hardcore from the womb.


  1. I cannot stop laughing about the donut hole comment.

    Jess: please deal with the cat issue.

  2. Poor puppy! It breaks my heart when they cry. I hope she is feeling better!!! Good for you and your jogs through Central Park! :) That baby is just the cutest!

  3. Katy totes beat me about the donut hole comment...I'm still laughing!

  4. Maia wants to know what those two mommies are doing. (you and Cindy and Ashlyn) :)

  5. Now I have that song in my head... and I'm envisioning Steve Martin doing his little tuxedo dance in Father of the Bride.

    Poor little pup... hope all is better soon!

    I used to kind of like cats. Then Max happened to us and he kind of ruined any cat affinity I may have had. :P

  6. abi is just too cute.

    and missions is 2012 is off the hook in many ways!

    i hope mylie is doing better!

    also, love the pics from din din the other night! such a fun night. next time, please don't have the sniffles. and we'll take bart (if you know what i mean).

    jiu jiu.

  7. Cats = barf... you and I are on the same page, sometimes I ask God why he made cats

    Always jealous that I am neither a grover or a steiger

    and its sooooo wrong but I totally prefer burpees to ultimate frisbee