Monday, May 7, 2012

Well, Hello There Monday

Hello, Saturday AM at 7am.
Hello, let's take the Schnoodle for a walk.
To the sister's house and check a package since she is out of town.
Hello, disappointed Schnoodle, nobody is home.

Hello, train tracks.

Hello, clean house, lemony fresh, scrubbed floors, dishes, shower, toilet.

Hello, Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve.

Hello, hiking combined with complete paranoia of mountain lions and poison oak.
Let's add bee stings and going into anaphylactic shock to that at the halfway point.
Imaginations run wild.

Hello, contemplating how long it would take emergency services to reach me.
Hello, understanding why they teach the buddy system in Girl Scouts.
Hello, buddy who can't dial 9-1-1.

Hello, off leash dog area.
WAY better than Fort Funston.

Hello, ears all the way back, listening very well.
Good puppy.

Hello, Frappucino happy hour with mom.
Hello, sitting side by side playing draw something.

Hello, Sunday morning.
Hello, swapping duties.
Hello, PowerPoint.
Goodbye PowerPoint.
Hello, Timmy.
Thanks for fixing my epic fail, sorry I let you down.

Hello, Sunday after church shenanigans with these two.

Hello, Mylie and Chloe.
Get ready to play.

Hello, "let's pretend we're dog owners and we can do all of the things dog owners do".

Goodbye Chloe, how come you are hiding under the coffee table?

Hello, one more stroll by the apartment for packages.
Hello, disappointed Schnoodle once again.

Goodbye weekend.

Hello, Monday.


  1. i think i need a schnoodle.

  2. ooO! i want to go hiking there!! could we go sometime please?? don't worry, i have a plan for meeting mountain lions. i brief all hike buddies on such matters. i need a snake plan though. saw one at edgewood last time i was there. FLIPPED. OUT.

  3. Sorry you broke the power point while texting me. In my defense, you texted ME first.

  4. I am SUCH a bad dog owner...

    this dogs life looks way more active and fun than what I have offered my dog.

    come to think of it, it looks more fun than MY life...:-)

  5. oh, power point is overrated ;) hey-we only have it when the high school girl who volunteers to do it shows up and does it, so it's way hit or miss in our worship - and it isn't even broken!

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks of how long it would take emergency services to reach me, lol! Whenever we go on a trip I always ask Bill "did you look to see where the nearest hospital is?". He always looks at me like I'm crazy. I think it's perfectly reasonable.

  7. How cute is your doggie!? Mine were very naughty today...they will spend the day

  8. Hello adorable post! Here's a worky question for you- You guys at Hope do everything through PowerPoint? No media software yet? We are in the process of transitioning from EasyWorship (PC-based) to ProPresenter (Mac). ProPresenter is super awesome, I've come to discover. Just curious what y'all are using, if more than PowerPoint.

  9. Lady!!! It's time to write a post titled "Hello Memphis!" Miss your guts :)

  10. ok. please don't go mountain frolicking without a buddy that can actually dial a phone.
    sheesh. also, i am a phone dialing expert, so take me. please.

  11. i love to hike, but i could never go alone. my imagination runs wilder than yours.

    that photo of you and mylie is my favorite photo of you ever.

  12. Oh, no... did you get a bee sting? Are you ok?

    I can't hike alone either.... I'd freak myself out with rustling sounds. :)