Friday, May 18, 2012

Life on the 'Gram

I think a lot of bloggers are doing life over on Instagram these days.
Or the 'gram as I like to refer to it.

A lot of "sorry I haven't posted in so long" posts around these parts.
It's cool though.
I heart the 'gram.
But, for those of you who aren't on there.
Or those of you who just want more CuppaGrams, here is what life has been looking like these days...

Last week I had my teeth cleaned.
By my sister.
Ashley did too!
Afterwards, Laura treated us to lunch.
That is full service dental hygiene!

The weekend was kicked off with some goodies from THIS lovely bloggy friend.
Thank you JenniLynn...these notecards are like the most amazingly perfect thing in the whole world.

Saturday, my sister and I hiked the Dish again.
It's almost a 5 mile adventure when it's done.
A 3 mile loop, but 1 mile each way to and from the car.
Lunch at Chevy's.
Shopping at the outlets.
And a little Sonic Happy Hour for the drive home.
Except, my sister, while trying to read the bottom of her cup (note, there is nothing on it)
hit the straw on the ceiling of the car, which then punctured the bottom of her cup, and we had diet cherry limeade streaming out the bottom of her route 44.
Faster and faster.
I rolled down the window, did three u-turns, and tried not to crash the car while I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks, and hyperventilating.
Do not divide by.
We couldn't even breathe by the time we got back to the drive thru.
Thankfully, she had managed to save her  bev in a plastic bag, and they happily replaced it.
That was $1.90 saved.

Sunday my mom requested that we take her to Santa Cruz.
Not a problem.
We had lunch on the wharf.
Checked out the cute seals (my fav) - there was even a CUTE baby jumping around in the water when we walked up. She climbed up on the dock, and then onto what I assume is her mama, and then all the other seals gathered around and barked at the annoying ones who tried to come close.
It was adorable.

We walked the Boardwalk for a bit.
I bought my mom cotton candy AND taffy.
They are two of her major food groups.
And on our way home, we stopped at Marianne's.

For the record, my brother in law got the two weirdest flavors they have.
Cantaloupe, and Black Licorice.
You may gag now.

Laura got Pineapple Coconut, and I got my fav 10-20. Excellent life choices.

Betsy came to town for Mother's day, and a few extras, so we headed out to the Yard.
I printed the tickets.
But I was kinda low on toner.
I got in no problem, and turned around to find out they were stuck behind the gates.
Theirs wouldn't scan.
Please note their annoyance.

Betsy and Laura had a fun little Crossfit bonding time.
I stopped by after the gym.
And ended up working out with them too.
I also ran that morning.
I believe that is the definition of beast mode.

I get to see my favorite Miss Abi every Wednesday. And sometimes other days too.
Here are two of my Weekly Abs shots.
I've been trying to secure favorite status.
I think I'm doing pretty well.

Happy, happy weekend friends!
Lots of adventures await!
Go enjoy some sunshine!

life rearranged


  1. I've been wondering all week if they got In.

    Also something insta does is make me not use my canon. My $1200 canon. Cool.

    Andddd have you been to Gayle's in SC?

  2. since i rock it old school with my flip phone i'm thankful for the blog posts:)

  3. life has been gravy since i got on the 'gram.
    well, kinda.

    listen, i feel crossfit is basically how i worked out as a teen athlete.
    teen being the keyword there.
    i braved a set of pushup/situp//burpees twice this week.
    i am not a teen. also, i hurt.

    in other news. you are so cool.

  4. cuppakim on IG??? It's cuppajo!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! Where is your bloggy button?? We need to swap buttons! Found ya!!


  5. i have been 'gram free for a while. no reason. so i've missed out on all the happenings.

    you love your family. so good.

    i had a dentist app this week with my f.i.l. he "crowned me with many (okay, just one) crown." i named the crown charlotte. i name weird things.

    if i was on the 'gram i could have shared a pic of charlotte... aaannnndd that is why it is good i fell of the "gram wagon.

  6. you are a beast! way to go. i think cross fit would kill me.

    oh no that sonic drink... aah! i am glad they gave her a refill for free.