Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Palm Springs Before the Rings: A Bachelorette Party!

This past weekend, I headed to Southern California for some sunshine, friendship, and bridal celebrations.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

UPDATE: If you are interested in this bag,. I have it listed on Zazzle for purchase in the 2014 or 2015 version. I can also make a custom listing with the Bride's name and dates if you email me at cuppakim@gmail.com. If you're interested in just the graphic, email me as well!

I flew into Orange County, where Betsy the Maid of Honor of the Century picked me up.
We had a quick post counseling ice cream sesh with the Bride and Groom, and then a good night's sleep before the weekend's shenanigans.

Betsy and Cari tracked down one awesome rental house out in Palm Desert.
It was the perfect house for our weekend of fun.
Three bedrooms, three baths, pool, hot tub, game area, gorgeous kitchen, giant projector screen.
Yeah, I was kind of impressed with the projector screen.
(It actually came in handy...stay tuned).

We had a total of 8-10 invited guests throughout the weekend.
Along with one, well, actually FOUR, VERY MUCH NOT INVITED guests.
Kinda rude, don't you think?
The good news is, Betsy has EATEN this kind of guest before. So she is very comfortable with them.
And the bride?
Well she did more than I did.
I think its cause she has Bride Power.
I mean how many brides do you know willing to kill cockroaches date beetles at their own bachelorette party?
Love that girl.
Both those girls.
I heart anyone willing to kill a roach so I don't have to.

Anyway, once those issues were taken care of, the festivities began.
Friday night, we kicked off the celebrations with virgin margaritas.
We had a bit of a snafu with the rental company regarding the pool heat - so we kept indoors for the evening - but got some serious craft on.
Betsy and I provided supplies for friendship bracelets, felt leaf garlands, and clothespin magnets.
They took the supplies and ran with it.
It was amazing the stuff they came up with.
Betsy and I took a second trip to Walmart to get more craft goodies.
The craft-elorette party was a total hit.

After a fabulous dinner of Betsy's chicken skewers, we kept with the bride's favorite food on a stick theme
(okay, it's not really her favorite, but she did text me after the shower asking me if I could live solely on food on a stick...I think there is a fairly decent chance that I could).

We had indoor s'mores.
While the girls watched bridal themed movies.
(The Proposal, 27 Dresses, Sweet Home Alabama, Bride Wars, and The Wedding Planner)

Saturday Morning, we got up and whipped up some breakfast.
Since I don't really do that whole touching meat thing, I scrambled eggs, and Betsy fried up some bacon.
In a desk chair.

The crafts continued through the day Saturday.
I was kinda jealous of everyone's creative skills.
They were creators.
I'm a copier.
But it was still fun.

We got the girls each a little goody bag that included a tank top, some candy, a drink coozy and straw.

Also, iPhones were in abundance.
I kept picking up the wrong one.
They were ALL WHITE. Kind of funny.

The sun came out.
And so did the pool guy.
So, we were able to enjoy some time in the H20.

For lunch, Betsy and I provided the deliciousness needed to make what I call "Caprese Grilled Cheese" sandwiches.

Pesto (aka Basil and Olive Oil)

They were SO tasty.

As the day wound down, it was time for the night to get riled up!
We decorated the house a bit, and then headed out to a local mexican restaurant for dinner.

After we concluded the fiesta of fun, we returned to the Heather (um, yeah, the house was named the Heather...weird), for some games and goodies.

Becky mixed up some mocktails, and we hit play on a certain scene in my favorite bride movie of all time, The Proposal (Betsy's idea) - to spice up the night.
Let's just say Ramon...or Oscar from the Office made a cameo appearance.
We played a few goofy games, and Cari...or should I say Jordan, received some sassy gifts.

Following the silliness, we had a Cold Stone style Ice Cream Mix In Bar.
With every topping and candy imaginable.
And oh yeah, we have dresses that are extremely tight around the ribcage to fit into in two weeks, no biggie.

Sunday morning came quickly....
Although, we did get that extra hour of sleep.
Wish I could take credit for planning it that way.
But credit or no credit it was more than appreciated.

We cleaned up the house, loaded the cars, said goodbye to the pool man and good riddance to the date beetles, and we were on our way to our respective homes.

And two weeks, this group of ladies will join back up to surround Cari and Jordan as they commit their lives together before the Lord!

We love you Cari & Jordan!!!!
<3 <3 <3

Photo Credit: Betsy
Also all of the hard work including but not limit to:
meat cooking, logistics, airport shuttling, bags & tanks, rental house hunt, menu planning, and beetle killing credit: BETSY


  1. haha...my leasing office calls them 'palmetto bugs'...of course if you google palmetto bugs it says aka American cockroach. My leasing office didn't appreciate that I had a high enough IQ level to google the truth.

  2. so fun. you are a party planner extrodinaire!

  3. what an awesome weekend!
    growing up, killing roaches was a paying gig{my mama just couldn't do it!}, mississippi has loads of them, they loved out pool and pine trees. shudder.
    north dakota has very few bugs! never seen a roach here! holla.

    love you, kim! xo

  4. what the heck is up with those bugs. i can't even look at them. and also, it looks like such a fun weekend!!

  5. What an amazing party! There is not one thing I don't love about it. Except maybe the beetles. The totes are fantastic! (Must stop gushing now...)

  6. Yes! this reminded me i still have that chocolate malted crunch ice cream cari and jordan brought over in my freezer. SCORE.

    great post, great recap of a great weekend! you should have given yourself some diversion credit for the date beetle killing :).

    love you!

  7. Best bachelorette weekend ever!!
    Can I get married again and just have the parties?
    {same guy, just better parties.}


  8. First, I am so jealous of this trip. It looks like a ton of fun! Kim, how do you get your Instagrams in a collage like this? I love that idea but am not sure how to do it?!?!

    Also, I want to steal Miley. She could be best friends with Hewitt and they could take over the world with their white, fluffy, cuteness. ;)

  9. You are soooo fun! What a creative and awesome party that was!! :) Down to every last little detail! I love the cute little bags! Great idea!

    April, not sure what Kim uses, but you can do that on picnik.com. :)

  10. i love love love the whole logo thing going on!

  11. reliving the awesomeness. i forgot we played the Ramon scene - we are hilarious! bahaha I kind of need cari to get married again so i can see you every other weekend!

  12. Where did you get the bags? I love them and would like to use them as favors for the bachelorette party I am hosting next month! Thanks!

    1. we came up with the concept, and had a guy make the graphic for us, he had his own screen printer and made them for us. if you send me your email address i can see if i have it and could send it to you, and you could have them made at any shop with a screen printer?

    2. Thanks so much that would be amazing! you can email me at fishfreaks138@hotmail.com

    3. I am obsessed with those bags!! I'm planning a Palm Springs bachelorette for my friend and would love if you could send me the graphic too? My email is Schmatalie22@gmail.com

    4. I absolutely LOVE the graphic on the bag. Any chance you could send me the graphic as well? My e-mail is dtamsbary@gmail.com. I, the MOH, and one of the other bridesmaid's are throwing the bride a Palm Springs Getaway bachelorette and I think that graphic would be perfect on reusable shopping bags for everyone to take home.

  13. The bags are amazing! Could I also get the file to get it screenprinted? danette.jansen@gmail.com That would be amazing!!

  14. Could I also get the design? It's so perfect! ashleypforsyth@yahoo.com Thank you so so much!

  15. I see this post is a bit old, but any chance you would be willing to share the graphic still? Thanks! katieedw@hotmail.com

  16. I would love to purchase the bag/graphic!?!! Please email chelseyjade3@gmail.com

    Thanks for your awesome blog post. It's helpful in planning my sister's bachelorette!


  17. Is it still possible to get the graphic for the bag?

  18. I too would love the graphic!

    Thank you!

  19. I would love the graphic for the bag. Please let me know.

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    thank you so much!

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    it is soooo much appreciated!!

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    Here is my email address: courtney.teubner@gmail.com

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)

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