Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cari & Jordan: The Wedding (Part 1)

What a weekend.
It was crazy, jam-packed, fast paced, beautiful, magical, and so many other good descriptive words.
I definitely took my fair share of pictures.
Enough that I think I need to break up my posts. 
So for now, let's start with the pre-wedding events up to the Bride and Groom's first look.

Betsy, Cari & I had a good old fashioned snuggle fest on Thursday night at Cari and Jordan's future home.
These girls know how to snuggle.
We had a fun time staying up way too late. 
Telling way too many stories.
Talking about the periodic table of elements.
Using a theraputic salt rock light.
And experiencing the "Urban Africa" shower.
Although, I think it is more of a "Rainforest Cafe" shower.
I had been warned.
Words cannot describe it.
I didn't think there was such thing as too much water pressure.
I was so very, very wrong.
I'm just glad to be back to my simple shower.

Anyway, Cari has already set up her "girly space" in their future bedroom.
Complete with the vintage handkerchief from her Vintage Bridal Shower.

In the morning, we packed up everything for the wedding and honeymoon.
And headed out.
For breakfast at Coffee Bean.
Followed by meeting up with Cari's mom and Aunt for a Mani/Pedi sesh.
Shellac mani's all around!
(Once you go shellac, you never go back)

We got checked into our room at the blinging Marriott.
Got settled in.
Glammed up.
And headed out for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Please note the amazing view.

We hit the streets of LA, and walked over to the Los Angeles Public Library.
An amazing building in the heart of LA where the wedding would be held.
Cari and Jordan definitely picked an incredible venue, with so much character.
Location, location, location.

We rehearsed.
 And then we headed out for some pre-wedding carbo-loading.
Tortilla chips abounded at El Cholo.
After dinner, the bridal party headed out on the town.
We ended up at Cari and Jordan's friends' apartment.
You're gonna want to click that link.
I felt like I had walked into a living Anthropologie display.
After making several attempts to find a place to hang out, we ended up at an Irish Pub.
Where a local band was playing.
I really hope they are going places.
And by places, I mean far away from me and my ear drums.
Way too loud.

The Marriott girls woke up bright and early and took a little walk down the street to Starbucks.
We breakfasted on some delicious oatmeal.
And got well hydrated.
Don't wait to hydrate.
Especially on your wedding day.
Do you see that cute sign?
It's like it knew Cari would be coming in.

After a breakfast full of giggles and hilarious stories,
we headed back to the hotel and it was game time.
The makeup artist arrived.
And Cari's beautiful friend Jen did our hair.
Her amazing friend Christa came by with a steamer, and took care of all of our dresses.
It was a fun, and surprisingly relaxing morning of getting our glam on.

Once Cari was ready, we were able to spend a few moments 
laying hands on her and praying with and for her.
It truly was a special time of lifting up Cari and Jordan before the Lord, 
as they approached the most important day of their lives. 
It was a privilege and honor to be there that day, 
and also to support them in their obedience and love for Christ.
After tissues were passed out, and tears were dabbed, not wiped, 
it was time to take the bride to meet her groom.

Another post is in the works with a few peeks at their first look,
the ceremony and reception!!!


  1. love it all. except for the frames. ;)

  2. How fun! Love all your pictures and the bride looks gorgeous!

  3. you are an awesome friend. i want to get married again (to michael) and have you recap it! you celebrate people. i looovvvveeee that!

    and how pretty are you!!!!!

  4. fancy. hooray for friends and hooray for celebrating marriage!!
    this whole thing though, totally taints your little house image...

  5. this is absolutely lovely. i think i need to make a trip down to the library. WOW!

    you all look so beautiful.
    so glad you had a wonderful time with great friends.

  6. whoooooaaaa. margaritas....without me?! #rude. ;)

  7. Gorgeous bride! And gorgeous you! I love weddings... so fun! :)

  8. Love the shoes, the view, and your friend's dress! So glad you had fun. : )

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. what a fun recap!

    it sounds like a full weekend but filled with lots of love and laughter.

    cari totally rocks the strapless dress. what a pretty bride.

    i can't wait to see the rest of the pictures friend.

  10. Gorgeous - all of it!!
    And you're looking fab, girlfriend.