Thursday, November 24, 2011


This morning I am thankful for:

A Savior who allows me another day, to get up early and serve His people, even by making crappy coffee, in His name.

A pastor who joyfully leads and guides his flock in practically serving others, including washing out a nasty container of curdled horchata.

The body of Christ, thankful for His grace, who is eager to bestow some of that grace upon others, even as simply as cooking Pillsbury Biscuits.

Friends who seek out the dirty jobs like cleaning out expired food, mopping up turkey guts, and jump at the chance to joyfully do them.

The opportunity to prepare, and serve a hot meal to some hungry men - as well as eat along side them, hear a piece of their story, and get some good football advice and financial wisdom.

Not to us, 
but to 
be the Glory.


  1. such a good day! as you said, it's my fave hope traditional. serving fuzed w/crappy coffee? nothing can beat that!

    honestly, i'm so glad i know why tebow is so good.

    i also think we need to go into retail. we need better stories.

  2. love this! you guys are amazing!

    and that horchata looks disgusting.

  3. that's it. next year i am 100% dragging the children out of bed at 0430.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I love your attitude! What a great group you have there! :)