Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Family Thanksgiving(s)

This year, and last, my family celebrated Thanksgiving twice.
Because, why not?
On real Thanksgiving, we had dinner at my sister's mother in law's.
Or as I like to say, my mother-in-law-in-law's.

She hosts a lovely Thanksgiving.
And my sister's sister-in-law Heather (aka my sister-in-law-in-law, you follow?)
was home from college,
and she set and decorated the table.
My dad got an extra special place setting.

The moms chat it up in the kitchen.

My MILIL makes the most amazing Potato Bread.
I've been looking forward to it since last Thanksgiving.
Third helpings consumed.

There was also plenty of Heather, aka SILIL to go around.
She even made a drink menu.
Huge selection.
I went with blood orange italian soda.

They also have a cat.
I do not like cats.
At all.
My allergies do not like cats.
At all.
But...huge but,
Henry aka SparkleCat, is not your typical cat.
And makes for some seriously awesome holiday entertainment.

He enjoys the bag.
And I can carry him around like a baby.
Without getting any cat dander on me.
Allergy win.

I also took him for a spin after dinner.

I promise you he liked it.
He went back to the bag for more torture attention shortly after.

Also after dinner, there was some InstaGramming.
And a sister who was hating on my InstaGramming, 
by InstaGramming pics of me InstaGramming.
(Still with me?)
But, um, hello, back atcha sis:

And then there was some Facetiming. From across the room.

Family fun, right?

My mom also likes to cook her own Thanksgiving dinner so she can have leftovers all week.
And by cook her own, I mean, have my dad cook a full meal for her.

However, their microwave died this week.
Which is not convenient for leftovers.

Also not convenient
is the oven blowing a fuse.
We blow a fuse EVERY holiday we cook.

Although, this was the first time that it was just the oven.
Usually its the entire kitchen circuit.

Mylie took over on watching the oven for blown circuits.
She had it all under control.

The good news is, I voted this the best Thanksgiving dinner my dad ever cooked.
Everything tasted SO GOOD.

Mom liked it too.

And after working hard all day,
 Dad tried to eat his dinner in peace.
Key word: TRIED.

I also had a Pumpkin Pie Throwdown.
With myself.
I used the Trader Joe's Pie Pumpkin recipe. (Made with Condensed Milk)
The Libby's Canned Pumpkin recipe. (Made with Evaporated Milk)

But for both, I used freshly roasted pumpkin.
Homemade crusts.
And homemade pumpkin pie spice.

Mom and Dad were MORE than happy to be taste testers.
I thought for sure the Libby's recipe would win.

In the end, the TJ's recipe was the winner.

But with two turkey dinners on our belts. 
Everybody won.


  1. kim, have i told you lately that i love you!?!
    i hate cats too. hate. my son is allergiv to cats..PRAISE THE LORD! (awesome reason to have to avoid cat infested homes).
    when you come to my house (and bring your parents, because i love them via blogville) you can bring miley. i like her. and i need mylie to convince michael to let me have a miley (someday) too.
    i chuckled at "My mom also likes to cook her own Thanksgiving dinner so she can have leftovers all week.And by cook her own, I mean, have my dad cook a full meal for her." your dad and micahel will cook together when you all come to visit. :-)
    did i mention we live near yosemite??
    (attempting to woo you)

  2. love you! happy thanksgiving!
    i only make the condensed milk pie. best. fave. only true way.
    feel my passion?


  3. Yay for 2 Thanksgivings! And yay for men that cook! I'm so glad you had a family filled holiday, those are the best!

  4. hi! new to your cute little blog. found you via enough faith for today :) looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday! Omgosh, your little dog jumping at your dad for table food is hilarious!! lol
    You mentioned in your interview that you wanted to get a 35mm lens (nikon?) I have the nikon 35mm 1.8 and it's just beautiful. you will enjoy it :)

  5. I love foods from Trader Joe's. It looks like you had a wonderful family gathering!

  6. looks like you had a fan-cat-stic thanksgiving ;)

    i know, that was awful.

    i'm glad you love me anyways :)

  7. this looks like so much fun!
    i hate cats.
    i have no clue how to use instagram.

  8. Pumpkin pie throw down... ha!! :) TJ's always wins! :) I totally used to do that paper bag thing with my cat. I'd scratch the bottom of the bag and she'd go diving into the bag. It was hilarious! :)

    OH, and I love Italian soda... soooo good! :)