Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exploring Naples

Following Barcelona, Provence, Florence, and Rome, our next stop was Naples.
The city famous for its pizza. 
And laundry lines crossing the city skies.

My parents went off on a tour of Mt Vesuvius and Ancient Pompeii, and maybe, in retrospect, I should have too.  
But instead, I took a little alone time to explore Naples.
Which, honestly, didn't seem to have too much to offer, except maybe a lack of tourists.

I hoofed it off the boat and into the town. Following the crowds through the city streets. 
I meandered through a semi-open air mall with what seemed like mostly locals. 

Without a map, or a guidebook, or any information on Naples, I had no clue all of the places I was passing.
A castle, a plaza, and a giant volcano in the distance.

I browsed through local clothing stores, and a few tiny gift shops peddling epicurean treats, peppers, espresso, and lemon everything.

As the day became hotter, I had sweat through my clothes, and my feet couldn't take any more flip flopping through town, I gave up on my short-lived dream of sipping an espresso in Naples.

Instead I returned to the port where I dined on some Naples Style pizza, ice cold Coca-Light, and Italian beer. 
In front of a castle.

 A few hours later, Mom and Dad returned to the ship and we sat out on our balcony watching the pilot navigate our ship out of port, passing by what I would now know as Mt Vesuvius, as the moon rose by its side.

And finally, back out to sea, heading out of Italy and east towards Greece. 

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