Friday, March 8, 2013

Magnificent Mykonos

9/1/12 - 
After a very rocky night and early morning at sea, we pulled into Mykonos port. 
I thought we were supposed to tender in, but we docked. 
It was crazy windy, even in the harbor. 

We took our time and then got off the ship and boarded some shuttles which carried us over to the main part of town. Mykonos was exactly what I had dreamed Greece would look like. 

Clusters of white, adobe looking flat roofed homes scattered along the hillside. 
Cylindrical huts with cone shaped roofs and the thinnest framed windmills.

We followed the crowds through the town roads and walkways and it was right out of a movie. 
White walls on all sides, steps built into them. Deep blue, royal blue and Tiffany blue shutters.

Hanging plants and flowering trees and bougainvillaeas. 
A few cats roamed the streets, which were made of stone, painted with whine lines to enhance the cobbles.
Tons of little shops and souvenir stores opened and we wandered the maze. 
A few dead ends and circle backs and soon we were on the waterfront  along the crashing waves over the break onto the cafe tables at the restaurants. 

The water was fantastic - brightest blue and aqua. 
Still windy and a lot of crashing.

We continued along the "Venice of Greece" and walked up to the four windmills. 
We enjoyed the views and walked and meandered back through the town. 

We found a little pastry shop where mom and dad had a baklava and I had a chocolate praline tart which was grossly sweet. 
Dad and I also split a feta pastry which was warm and delish...

We stopped in a few more shops and put our feet in the sea - the waves were choppy but it was warm, fresh, and clear blue.

We took the shuttle back to the boat - more wind!
And had lunch. 
Finally our boat left into a very windy sea - up to 75mph!

It was my favorite port so far and I wish we could have gone back or stayed much longer.  

I forgot the best story! While meandering thru the streets, we petted a few local dogs. One was about the same size as Mylie, maybe a few pounds less. 
It loved the attention. 
She rolled over for a belly rub and when we stopped petting her she gently put her paws up on us and nuzzled in for some love. 
All of the sudden she turned her head and scampered off. Next thing we knew she was running up to an old lady on a scooter - I thought she was about to get run over - instead she hopped right on the foot part and her and the lady rode right past us. 
The best moment by far!

Best Port of our trip.
Hands down.


  1. I loved Mykonos when we were there several years ago. We docked in the evening, so we missed out on seeing all the beauty in the daylight! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures that take me back to wonderful memories!!

  2. I love the bright pop of colors against the white. Have fun!

  3. I have lusted to go to Greece for as long as I can remember. I just love how it is so dreamy colored.

  4. GHA!!!!!!!!