Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Love.

Long time, no blog.
Like REALLLLY long time.
But I'm here. 
I've been gone. 
But I'm here again. 
With a few fun tales to tell.

Starting with this one.

The BFF had her baby.
And he is the sweetest thing since sliced bread pie.
He's a happy little fellow.

A gentleman, really. 
A few tickles on his ears and he will give you his best smile.
But really, he is just pleasant as pie any time he is being held.

He is also a rockstar at tummy time.

And Mama Julie, she is awesome.

I think that was my favorite part of the weekend.
Seeing my twenty-plus year friend in a whole new role.
And being amazing at it.

And dad is incredible too.

I think baby lucked out with the best mommy and daddy in the world.

Julie & Dave were the hosts with the mosts.
Well, except for doors, they didn't have those.
(but hey, who needs doors....right? privacy is overrated)

Between naps and feedings, for all of us, 
we hit the town.
The three girls and little man.

One of us is not a fan of carseats.
I know little guy, I know.

But we made it safely.
And there was plenty of produce and delicious foods to go around.
Also, I have said it once, and I'll say it again, I LOVE farmers markets.
(warning: farmers market photo bomb

Those last ones are watermelon radishes.

This farmer's market was one of the best I have been to.
Huge variety of common and uncommon fruits and veggies. 
If I lived there, I'd go every weekend.

Baby took a nap and we got some good friendsie times in.
Shopping and Shave Ice.

While daddy built and decorated the crib.
I mean, how cute, right?
(Julie and I played hundreds of hours of Mario Brothers as kids.)

And we ended the night in style.
Kale Chips & Emma.
Nothing says you've grown up than leafy greens and the grown up version of Clueless.
If our 14 year old selves could see us now.
We were pretty nerdy.
So we'd probably be proud.

And this guy, well, I took home his smile in my heart.
Like a little souvenir. 

And these girls,
we keep making new memories,
as the years go by.
And we let a little one into our fold.
He's alright.

Thanks again to our incredible hosts with the mosts, and no doors.
(like literally, not one single door, but it's cool, "open concept" has new meaning)
Can't wait to visit you guys, and your new doors, again soon.

And to this little guy, rest up, your Auntie wants to adventure with you again.


  1. Precious. What a cutie pie!

    I love Farmers' Markets- they're the best. I love taking pictures of all the produce too, so I appreciate your photo bomb.

    We watched Clueless a couple weeks ago and it was the BEST. Nostalgia at its finest.

  2. What a nugget! Yay for friend time, too. :)

  3. yay for baby squishes! Being an auntie is the best!

  4. kim.
    that first photo is precious, and a must frame. heck, frame the cry one, too.
    what a beautiful little one and hooray for friends!
    also, if you wouldn't mind, opening an etsy shop, selling your pretty pics as postcards and such. these market pics are perf for my kitchen. so, please.

    love you.

  5. glad you had such a sweet time with friends.

    what darling little guy.

    my noah SCREAMED every time i hit a stop sign. i "california rolled" a lot his first 6 months.

    doors are overrated. we lived without them here for a few months.

  6. Wait, what about the bathroom. A door?

    Thanks for sharing, it's so fun to catch up on what Julie's been up to. Apparently making gorgeous children!

    I'd give my right hand to have a good farmer's market here in Kansas.