Friday, August 31, 2012

Out n About: A Guest Post from CuppaDad

A few weeks ago, my dad emailed me these pictures.
Complete with captions.
I realized they would make an excellent guest post.
So while I'm off gallivanting for a couple weeks, I thought you'd enjoy a little something from my dad's POV.

headed to the coast......not so fast.....gridlock

"Happy Girl"

"Happy Girl"

"Happy Girl"(Hour)

Dinner guest

Chow'n down

"Ticks, poison oak, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, OH MY!" "Where's Laura?" "She like's this stuff!"

Stick with "Rattle"

Stick with "Rattle"

   Just another day around here with the Ol' Folks

   Love, Pops


  1. Bruce is probably my favorite Bruce of all time. He is just the greatest. And was my eldest brother's boss for a while, which hey, says a lot about the man.

  2. oh bruce, so fantastic.

    while this post was amazing, especially when discussing happy girl hour (which i think needs to be a thing), i'm not quite sure i can handle the snake-age. please don't ever talk about snakes again.

  3. The fish and chips almost made me puke again, too. I might need to stop. Also, I love Bruce and Band Aid.