Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lazy-Cation: The Rest of It.

Lazy-cations always start with a Schnuttle pick up.

And Southwest Rapid Rewards flights.

I'm starting to think Tim Tebow is stalking me.

Love where I live.
Glad to get away for a bit.
But I still think I live in the best place in America.
It's fun to look at from way up here.
And if you have to come home to something, this may as well be it.

Me and Hilton hotels,
we get along.

 Sister & I did NOT waste anytime getting poolside.

It was 110.

 Kissing cacti.

And then there was FRIDAY.

 Saturday we headed off the resort and to the mall.
One of my favorite malls in America.
Also my favorite, is anthro shopping in my birthday month.
Hello 15% off.
I got this dress. 
Slightly frumpy. But I think I can rock it.
I also bought a dress with flamingos on it. 
Picked up some sweet treats to bring back to the hotel.
My cupcake transports have not been doing so well lately.
Tried to get a little poolside reading in.
But it was a bit distracting.
The heat.
The palms reflecting in my iPad.
The people watching.

This was real life.
Even if just for a short while.

We survived a dust storm our last night.
Which made for some gorgeous skies as it cleared out.

Last morning, enjoyed poolside under some more palms.

And going home and back to real life is hard.
But this snugglebug picking me up at the airport makes it just a smidge easier.

Back to reality.
For a week and half.
And then the next adventure awaits.


  1. That dress! So NOT frumpy.
    Add some boots. Rock on.

  2. Please tell me you're wearing the flamingo dress soon. I must see this fantastical dress!

  3. Kimberlee said the same thing as me. Boots & that dress = magic.

    I wish I was on this vaca. I would have done really well on it.

  4. Kim.
    Where are you going next?
    You look smokin in that dress. Frumpy...I think not.

  5. you have so many great adventures. it was 110 at my casa, you could have vacayed here...but i don't have a pool... so.

    today i am back to life and reality after a month of little vacays here and there. so much catching up to do.

    and i have an anthro gift card from november! yikes. i think i need you to come help me spend it. i'm having NO LUCK.

  6. i fully support the boots/dress idea.
    also, i fully support sister vacation extravaganzas.
    AND y'all have got to be THE cutest ever.
    now, when should we meet at that hilton?
    i have pretty much all of 2013 available;)

  7. I have to 7th all the comments before me... smoke'n HOT in the dress and the boots... loved that you rocked them to church today... heads were turning... traffic was stopping... :) You all get the picture!
    Can't wait to see your next vacay recap!!

  8. Seeing your photos I thought it looked like Az plus the high temp? Welcome to the desert! You're lucky to be here then & not when it was hotter! Looks like you had fun!

  9. I know you are traveling but when you get back could you e-mail me and let me know how to create a button for my blog? I would really appreciate it. My e-mail address is dcarmean@warren.k12.in.us