Monday, August 27, 2012

CuppaTech at Your Service

This pic has nothing to do with this post.
Alright, I'm gonna take a moment here for a public service announcement.

I have been wanting to write a post like this for a while, but never really got around to it...

I get a lot of questions from people about bloggy stuff, and sometimes there are things I tell people, that they don't even know exist...

Let's start with my number one topic:
Did you know that the default setting on leaving a comment is anonymous?
Well, maybe not anonymous, but basically you leave a comment, and it sends me an email.
But the email comes from No-Reply@Blogger - which is so sad - and means I can't reply to your comment directly.
A good handful of commenters have already made the switch, but there are a few of you that haven't - and it makes me sad (because I love being able to reply to you!).

Here's a link to a super simple tutorial on how to fix it. 

While we're on the topic of comments, let's talk about CAPTCHA.
That is the super annoying letters that we have to type in to leave a comment.
I used to have this turned on, it seemed like a great idea to prevent spam.
BUT, guess how many legitmate spam comments I have received. ONE.
I don't know if  I'm just lucky or what, but I haven't needed CAPTCHA.
Care to turn yours off?
(You may not even know it's on!)
It makes it so much easier for your readers to leave a comment!
Here's a link (with pictures) on how to do it .
(Settings, Comments, Word Verification: OFF)

Let's move on to SUBSCRIPTIONS.
Do you have a bunch of blogs bookmarked and pop by every now and again?
There are a handful of options to keep them all organized!
My personal favorite is Google Reader.
It's kind of like an inbox for blogs, it's where I have been reading all of mine for years!
But what I didn't know, until about a year or two ago, was that if you click "FOLLOW" on Google Friend Connect (like the one on my sidebar) - the blogs you follow will automatically pop up in your Google Reader.
You can manually add them too by clicking the subscribe button on Google Reader and typing in the web address of the blog!

You can also subscribe by email - most blogs have a little box on their sidebar where you can type in your email address and every time a blogger writes a post, it will be sent to your inbox! Pretty awesome.
There are even other ways to subscribe and follow blogs - but I think that those are the two simplest.
Now you won't miss the latest and greatest!

Okay, and last but not least, will you let me know you've stopped by?
I'd love to say hello!
Especially if maybe you haven't commented before, or  in a while, it's always nice to put a name (or a face) to a blog hit. 
I promise I'll say HELLO right back, especially if you are not a "no-reply blogger".


  1. zomg! please everyone, turn off word verification. amen.
    great post. xo

  2. Haha! I might have to steal your post for my own blog. That's cool, right?! ;-D

    Between you and Jan (who showed me this exact thing on Friday), I *might* have to get on this Google Reader for my million blogs I like to read. I know, I'm so behind the times!

    Happy tripping! :-D

  3. yes. no-reply brings tears to my eyes, and word verification...please for the love of all that is holy take it off people!

    i hope you're having so much fun.

  4. Oh, I HATE the captcha!! I just blogged about that yesterday! Haha!! :]

  5. This was a great post. I love how bloggers are really trying to help other bloggers out. Okay, so maybe it's for their own sanity, but at least we are all figuring this stuff out. :) hope you have a great week!

  6. Sometimes I won't comment if there is word verification.

  7. great tips, going to check my settings right now!

  8. Ok, captcha is off! I didn't even know it was on!

  9. stop talking about techie stuff and get your ass back home (i don't know-oh-oh-oh, where you gooooo, or when you're coming hoooooooome, i left the key under the mat to our front dooooooooooooor)

  10. This post needs to be posted on the highways and byways of the blog world so everyone can read it! THANK YOU.

  11. Thanks for the post :) I'm hoping mine doesn't show as a "no-reply" :) Also, I so don't like the pic/words verification thing! I took mine off because it always bugged me. Great post :)

  12. Perfect blog post! Susan has issues with not being able to reply to my comments (which I thought I fixed earlier when you educated me...will check again). Great information to know! And for the record, RSS ROCKS (did you hear that Susan?)!!! :)

  13. i will never on my reply to me. so stop trying to make me.

    also, i'm at your parent's house right now and mylie is barking.

    and i've had 100cal margaritas so i don't really care.

    also, you are cool.

  14. love this...thanks for sharing! :)

  15. I so love your blog and am so jealous of all those who were in the mug swap. I found you from all the awesome mug photos on instagram!