Tuesday, August 28, 2012

31 Flavors of Awesome

Today is the big day.
I'm 31.
Can I get a what, what?!?!'
Can I get a flourless chocolate cake?
That's all I really want. Seriously.

If you want to play Where in the World is CuppaKim, today I am turning 31 in Florence, Italy.
Say it with me, FIRENZE!!!!

Last year, I turned 30 in Barcelona,
the year before that I turned 29 in the North Sea between England and Denmark.

Here's a little Blast from the CuppaPast to celebrate.

The parentals.
Saucy, sassy, seventies.

Finally a big sister. 
Wondering where the return address on this thing is.

Alright, dealing with that whole little sister thing, and it actually is kinda fun.
Plus, we are cute when we match.

Please note my smirk.
Also, please note I had no front teeth.
Legitimately sang "all I want for Christmas are my two front teeth".
Actually, I think my dad annoyingly sang it to me every, single, day.

And then there was junior high.
In the early 90's.
With fleece navajo vests.
That are kinda back in style.
That hat. 
Not so much.
It's a wonder the photographer was able to get it in the frame.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, or as the say in Italy: Tanti Auguri! Have a great day!

    P.S.: Do you still have that hat? I think it would be appropriate party gear for your special day. :o)

    P.P.S.: Catch any cyclists in Barcelona in the end?

  2. Okay so that hat is cracking me up almost as much as the 'tulip field' you're sitting in front of in the other picture. Also, you are adorable and your sister looks EXACTLY like your mama- I always thought y'all looked like both of them, but it's like looking at Laura. Fun!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fancy Kim! Can't wait to hear about all those Italian men you picked up! ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday! Looking back is fun isn't it? Especially when it includes the ridiculous 90's.... :)

  4. The hat with the Navajo vest is such an eye sore. But an arm party on with that vest though and you'll be good.

  5. Also. Happy freaking birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday!! You're in one of my fave cities...enjoy it!

  7. you were a super cute kid, and super lucky you're just as cute now ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!

  8. Happy Birthday lady! Can I say I am totally jealous that I am behind a desk and not in Italy! Have an amazing day!!

  9. Happy B-day!

    In other news...WOW. Just wow. That last photo is definitely memorable. I don't have the guts to post photos of me from about 10 to say, 16. They are horrid.

  10. Happy birthday!!! Cute pics...you really favor your mama :) I LOVE the hat...very Blossom of ya ;) Have a blast celebrating in Italy!!!

  11. Happy b-day to you...and to celebrate in Florence...wow! Eat a caprese salad for me!

  12. happy birthday! i pray that your cup will overflow this new year!

  13. That hat just made my day.
    And it's my birthday too! Well, mine's the 29th, but it's the 29th here in Korea and the 28th in Europe, so we kind of have the same birth days. :)

  14. Happy belated!


  15. oh, heeeeey. this is fun.

    also, happy birthday a day late :)

  16. OMG I had a fleece navajo vest hahahahahahahaha The early 90's were a bit of a step down from the 80's. Happy birthday :)