Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary Little Blog & Congrats Mug Swap Giveaway Winner!

Today, A Cuppa Kim turns TWO.
Two years of blogging. Starting here.
Three hundred posts.
Two thousand five hundred comments.

I think to celebrate, I will head off to Europe for two weeks.
While I'm gone, you should read a little bit about my European adventures from two years ago (right after I began this blog), which I posted while I was gone last year. (I also have a few fun posts scheduled while I'm away).

Aside from this post about my day in Barcelona, I still haven't blogged that trip.
I had big dreams about getting that done before I left.
I got one more day done, stay tuned, the post will be coming this week.
Let's hope I do more soon. I really, really want to.

But you guys went NUTS on the mug swap. BSC if you will.
In a good way.
240+ swappers.

Did you mail your mug?
Today is the deadline.
If you didn't, do it NOW. Like go.
Post office. Pronto.
Link up on the 10th, so it needs time to get to your recipient.

Also, to celebrate, let's announce the winner of the mug-swap-blogiversary giveaway, shall we?!
I want to point out a few of the giveaway items:

This super cute coffee print from Katy's shop: Katygirl Designs

A set of adorable note cards from Jenna's shop: Jenze

Your choice of one pair of earrings from Hannah's Shop: Happy Days by Wifey Singer

A set of 6 coffee note cards from Lindsay's shop: Pen & Paint

And a few other goodies, Starbucks gift card, 1lb of blonde roast, See's mini-pops,
 that have already been packaged up and sent by me!

There were 240 swappers + 84 additional entries for promoting the swap.
#289/324 was the winner.
And I forgot to capture the screen shot of the generator...

You guys.
The big winner is...

(you will be getting an email from me with all the 411)

And I think everyone else may need to treat yo' self to some new goodies.
It will cheer you up. Promise.
Head over to those shops and check them out.
All of these shops have been incredible Mug Swap supporters and Promoters!!

Thanks again to everyone who swapped and promoted and mugged and shipped!
I hope when your mug arrives you feel like a big winner too!

I have a lot of fun posts scheduled while I'm be sure to come back and visit.
And get yourself ready for the 10th. I'm already dying from all the muggy cuteness I've been seeing on Instagram. This has seriously been ridiculously fun! :)

Smooches and thanks for being a part of A Cuppa Kim for two years and counting!


  1. okay, 1) happy anniversary, and have a wonderful trip! and 2) holy moly...i don't win anything, ever! thank you so much for the opportunity to win such loveliness! the mug swap was so fun and i can't wait to participate again in the future!

  2. Woohoo! Happy Blogiversary, friend! Happy traveling! xo

  3. Have an amazing adventure!! (take me?)

  4. I love you even though I didn't win. I LOOOVVVEEEE the mugswap, obvi. And I can't wait to hear about your trip. FYI... if you take carina you are obligated to take me too. Just sayin.

  5. what a fun giveaway (how did i miss is?)!

    240+ on your mug swap! incredible. i'm still enjoying my mug from last year.

    have fun in europe.

  6. This has been awesome! I cannot wait to get my mug! My poor mailman.....I've been stalking him!
    Thanks for hosting Kim. You are so super awesome! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

  7. LOVED the mug swap and I made two new friends :)
    also please enjoy europe for me. hubby & I went on our honeymoon for 6 weeks 4 years ago and I've been dying to go back.

  8. thanks again for the amaze swap joint. you are so fancy.
    i'm bsc for you.

  9. happy two years...and i think i'll get a babysitter and join you in europe?? sound good?

  10. I loved the Mug SWAP.
    Thank you, friend.
    Happy travels.

  11. The mug swap was the highlight of my life.