Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pioneer Woman Test Kitchen: The 5am Chocolate Sheet Cake

So this month, I Pintertested the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake.

Technically, not a pin.
But technically, it's been a crazy week.
And technically, I Pintertested these for my Olympics party, but forgot to take photos.
(They were super easy to make, and everyone seemed to enjoy them).

Anyway, Mel invited Jessica and I over to her place on Tuesday for a Pioneer Woman Potluck.
It was a crazy busy weekend, and I got home at midnight the night before.
Thankfully, I picked a recipe I could make quickly and easily ahead of time.
And that would transport well.

Enter, the Pioneer Woman's Sheet Cake. 
Also, enter 5am.
It hurt.
But was so, so worth it.

Also, coffee.
Lots, and lots, and lots of coffee.
Sprinkle in the cocoa to the batter.
Sprinkle it into your mug too.
But don't grab a spoon to stir because it's only 5:30am and you are SO tired.
Just drink it.
Also, ignore the yellow lighting.
Because the sun isn't up yet, and it hurts to turn on any brighter lights.  

And, butter. 
A LOT of butter.

Here is the best part. 
Sheet cake cooks in 20 minutes. 
Which means by the time you whip up the super delicious icing, the cake is READY.
Half hour and BOOM.
You have a potluck ready Chocolate Sheet Cake.
5am Sheet Cake. 

You also have a kitchen that looks like this.
For two whole days.
That pot did not get washed for over 48 hours.
It didn't move from the stove top at all until last night.
This might be the messiest kitchen I have ever had (maybe).
And the longest it stayed that way. 
I had a little anxiety about it the whole time.

So back to the cake.
It survived 8 hours of tempting my coworkers in the breakroom.
A trip across the bay.
And ended up in amazing company on Mel's famous dessert table.

Lucky for me, everyone was super stuffed from all of the delicious food at the party, so I took a good amount of the cake home, and back to the office, where my coworkers were very happy.
I also took a Texas sized piece to my friend Wendy (hi Wendy!), 
and an Alaska sized one one to my parents. 

There was a LOT of cake to go around.
Which is good.
Because this cake is GOOOOOOOOD.

At least I really, really think so.
I most definitely will be making it again.

Also, rumor has it, this recipe is almost identical to Keri's which can be found here.
Which I actually did pin.
So...legitimate Pintertest complete.

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  1. I'm SO making this!!! Looks amazing!

  2. Kind of sad I didn't take a Montana-sized piece home.
    Or maybe just Delaware.
    I think I ate an Australia's worth of calories that night.

    {SO good to see you!!}


  3. I have made this cake before and will attest to the fact that it is insanely good. I've actually been thinking I need to make it again soon but I need somewhere to take it because I will eat the entire thing otherwise.
    Happy Friday!

  4. That thing should be labeled as the ish. Because it is. Make another one. Today. At 5 pm. Thank you and goodbye.

  5. Girrrllllfriend. HOW did you bake a cake at 5am?! I mean, I realize that chocolate cake is acceptable at any hour (especially with coffee!), but baking?! You are my hero. If I would've attempted that there would've been surprise pickels or something in it.

    Also, I have that cookbook so I'll be whipping that up ASAP. My too tight pants thank you.

  6. That cake was SO good. I should have made you leave me some leftovers :)

  7. yummmmm

    please make this for my imaginary wedding.

  8. What an amazing friend...
    out until midnight... ;)
    5 AM Cake!!
    You are a beast!!!
    Excited to try this one day... next potluck?!

  9. I made her sheet cake for our community group one night and it was a huge success. So good and so worth the mess, kind of, if someone else would clean it anyway.

    Also, can I live near you guys because that party is pretty awesome.

  10. my kitchen looks like that WAY TOO OFTEN. and 5am. you are a trooper. i need a friend like you to make me cake at that ungodly hour.

  11. that party is rad.
    that cake is one of my all time faves. shoot. i want it right now.

  12. As promised, I made this (today). I just finished my first piece (oh yes...I'm having more). Oh my word, this stuff is so yummy!!! Definitely not something you want to make just for yourself (because it's huge and you'll eat the whole thing). :) 2/3 of my pan will be going to a friend who just had a baby (chocolate is so needed, right?). Thanks for posting this Kim! Had you not, I wouldn't have been dining on the most incredible chocolate cake today (and blessing friends with it too). :)