Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And Then There Was July...

No photo challenge this month.
But a whole lot of awesome.

Tahoe & the God Bless the US linky party!
Giants Dominate the All Star Game
The Color Run: San Francisco
Fundraising in Faith for Sudan

Super cute blog redesign.
My Third Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party

Just to name a few.

Bible in a year got a little behind this month. But I caught up.
Getting through the Psalms was awesome. I kind of lost momentum when I knew I wasn't going to be reading them. I really, REALLY am blessed by that book.

July was good.
Really good.

Mug swap closes TONIGHT at midnight!
Last chance!


  1. Kim. You know what? You know where you can get a good study on psalms? I've seen a few recently.

    I made both June & July in different ways. My favorite pic on this whole page was Hannah's cat sticker.

  2. july killed it. you always bring the fun, cuppa.
    guess that's why everyone says you're the cat's pajamas and whatnot.

    and hilarious. well, maybe not. but i felt the same after psalms lol
    keep reading the psalms on the side:) it helps!

  3. love the bible in a year thing! What fun! Love your july pics..! I love the color run photo ;) looks like so much fun...minus the running ... jk :)