Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend: All Fun, All The Time

This past weekend was the best.
One of the best of the best.

In fact, this whole week has a whole lot of awesome going on.
More to come on that!

I mean, I had to schedule myself to wake up at 5am Tuesday to bake a cake, because the fun has been so jam-packed into each moment of each day.

Friday, I took the day off to prep for my Olympics Party.
Which was all things wonderful.
Good friends. My amazing parents. Delicious food. 

Saturday, I slept in. 
Sort of.
And despite my pure exhaustion, made it to the bridal shower of beautiful Jamie.
Jessica throws a mean shower, and does an incredible job making the bride feel so special.

And I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite people in the whole world (no exaggeration), Betsy, since she was in town for the weekend. 
We have over a decade of friendship under our belts, 
and we have come a long way since the 13 and 20 year olds we once were. 
Definitely not those same girls.
Well, we are. 
Just with more degrees, more life experience, more awesome.

Saturday night, I celebrated my brother in law's birthday with their Crossfit Friends.
He got flaming Baked Alaska.  
Actually, he got two.
Super Paleo.

Sunday, church.
Followed by a return trip to Nordstrom.
I really feel like I need to invest in some faux eyewear. 
Clearly Napoleon knew what he was doing with lenses like these.

After the mall, and continuing our Junior High adventure, Marge, Betsy, Emily and I hit the links.
Or mini-links.
We are pretty much pro now, so...hello US Open 2013. 

And what would a Junior High adventure be without a trip to the movies.
To see Step Up 4: Revolution.

Betsy & her friend Katie truly are the Step Up Franchise's biggest fans. 
This crowd is all because of them.
They truly created a revolution.
I feel like Step Up owes them a DVD boxed set.

And really, any movie that can turn Performance Art into Protest Art, I'm sold.

Also, it inspires us to flash mob the escalator. 
Haven't seen it? 
But have a good attitude. 
Know what you are getting into. 
You are there for the dance sequences, not the acting. 
Or the plot. Which left me slightly confused.

Monday, I played hooky.
Except, when you are a grown up, it's called "taking a vacation day".
Betsy and Emily took me on an adventure day to the City. 
And we all know I love adventure days, and the City.
We hit up the good touristy spots, 
Musee Mechanique (for photobooth pics). 
Ghirardelli Square (for Sundaes).
and Pier 39 (for Sea Lions).

We also spent an hour inside this gallery. 
Charging my iPhone. And you know, enjoying art.
Also, flash mobbing.
Once again,
Performance art turned protest art.
No one saw it coming.
Step Up 4. Go see it. 

It was planned several months ago to hit up the Giants Game with 
Cindy, Ellen, and my sister to celebrate Ellen's 30th. 
It might be her 34923th birthday celebration this year,
but when you turn 30, you go big or you go home.
So Betsy, Emily and I parted ways, and I was Club Level bound with my sister-friends.

I picked up some Giants Cupcakes earlier in the day at Ghirardelli Square,
 and they actually made it safely to the ballpark.
Almost without any casualties, almost.

It was a crazy exciting game.

We were winning.
We were losing.
We were tied.
We were rallying.

We were winning.
We were losing.
We lost.
But it was still. So. Fun.

(Also, Casilla. No thanks.)

And then, 5am wake up.
To make Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake.
It was exhausting.
But so, so, so worth it all.

Geriatric Bedtimes are very much needed, ASAP.

Mug Swap.
Did you sign up yet?
It's blowing up.
50+ signups yesterday alone!

And here is what you really need to do,
head over to Katy's place and check out some awesome
Mug Finds and Ideas at her Festy of Etsy Loves.


  1. ahem. i think you are leaving a detail out. #kisscam

    and i'm exhausted reading.

  2. Best part of the whole weekend minus the Olympic party :: those SF cupcakes. Omgosh. I don't even know what to do about them. I need one.

    So freaking excited about the mug swap.

    Thanks for the shout out. It WAS tea I was looking for.

  3. you have too much fun. please calm down and get geriatric again.

    jk, i love the new kim #newkimisbest

    can't wait for next summer and all of its amazing!

  4. The weekend was CRAY!!
    Thanks for celebrating with me 35,000 times :)
    The cupcakes were amazing!!
    Flash mob SM soon?

  5. BWENCE was off the chains!

    #newnewkim +#newbetsy = mad fun

    love your life, love your amazing parties, and i love you!