Sunday, August 5, 2012

Where I Am At

Lately, I am floating somewhere between this....


and this


Things are good.
Things are busy.
I know I am disappointing people and falling short left and right.
Sometimes I feel like my life is in utter chaos.

My plate is full. Managing calendars. A blog. The mug swap. My home. A fundraiser.  Friendships. Church responsibilities. My family. Upcoming vacations. A full time job. A gym membership. A crazy Schnoodle.

To say that sometimes, I am very, very, very overwhelmed it might be an understatement.

But that can't be said without shouting from the rooftops that I do truly love the life I have been given.
The Lord has been incredibly gracious, and given much more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed.

He is faithful, even when I am not.
He is good, even when I fall short.
He is LOVE, even when I am not even close.

Over and over through writing this blog, through the people that read it,
I am reminded of the GOOD, how much GOOD is in my life.

Because of Christ.
Because without Him, nothing would be good.
And because of Him, everything is.


  1. I'm right there with you! I hope you get to rest on this Sabbath day! It's one of the many good things God has given us and I've found it makes a world of difference when things seem overwhelming.

  2. One day at a time friend. Hugs.

  3. Well stated, friend.

    I sure do love you and your busy life.

  4. I wrote this exact post out in my head this morning! I feel exactly the same way. Don't be surprised if you read words so similar on my blog this week :)

    Lifting up a little prayer of peace for you this morning.


  5. I hear ya. I totally hear ya.
    And...I need to get in on this mug swappy thingamadoodle.

  6. This was so good for my heart this morning. Thank you :) I just started back to work this week after a year at home with the babe... It feels a little overwhelming but I'm still so in love with the baby and husband and life I come home to. Even when it's a really messy, eat at Chipotle twice a week life :) Love this perspective!!

  7. i feel the same thing. trying to scale back before the school year starts and i'm in too deep pver my head.

  8. i needed this. so glad i'm not alone.