Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scenes from a Saturday

Yes. Another weekend has come and gone.
Yes. It was another doozie.

Katygirl & Cammiegirl came to visit.
I wish I had taken more pictures.
But, instead we talked.
I was nervous there would be some awkward silence.
There was no silence.

I made reservations for an early dinner for Katy, Jessica, Cam and I, and before we knew it, it was dinner time.
Annnnnnnd we were still at my house.

 Taking funny pictures of Cammie, like this.
Sippin' on her La Croix. Like a proper blogger baby.

Thankfully, Katygirl drives fast, and totally does NOT drive through red lights, and got us there in no time flat.
Also, Jessica doesn't let things like 2 year old's car seats get in the way.

The people two tables over from us were discussing bloggers, and Pinterest. I'm pretty sure they recognized Jessica from her PinterTest kitchen.

 Also, we may have been recognized by our blogger photography habits.
Like selfies. And selfie retakes. Times five.

Photo Courtesy of Katygirl
 And me taking a picture of my food and Katygirl instagramming.

Here is Jessica taking a picture of me and Katy taking a picture of dessert, while I take a picture of her taking a picture of us.

Also please note suspenders.
I really don't know what was going on.
Awkward first date with Italian flag cufflinks.
I don't think it was going well.
I think it could have been due to the accessories.
Wayyy too many accessories.

Also, the desserts.
We split them both in threesies - Jess picked the Raspberry Bread Pudding and Katy chose the Coffee Ice Cream Pie. I chose to eat.
I almost died of happiness right then and there.
Well chosen ladies.

Cammie was a rockstar through the whole meal.
I got a quick snuggle in with her. 
I know she looks concerned.
I'm pretty sure she had just gotten a glimpse of the suspenders and cufflinks next to us.
I know Cam, I know.

And then we all went back to my house to talk and talk and talk a bit more before Katygirl & Cammiegirl had to go.
Despite being 6 1/2 hours, it went way too quick. 
Which is just plain rude.

I'm pretty sure they need to make a tunnel or high speed train directly from my front door to Katy's.
Like. ASAP. I mean God Bless the US, but we need to get this whole highway 5 thing out of our way.

We loved having you guys here, the door is always open, feel free to run a few red lights and come back anytime.


  1. Oh. My. I almost peed my pants I'm laughing so hard!

    First of all, I think it is so wrong y'all are all so far away and I'm trying hard not to be jealous. :-P

    Secondly, you are all beyond beautiful. Cammie looks terrified of you, but once you explained the poor suspenders guy nearby, it makes total sense.

    Jessica in the car seat is hysterical. I'm still dying laughing. I better go to the bathroom now... ;-)

    Best blog post EVER!

  2. The accessories?! SO glad that you were able to capture that!

    Looks like a sweet little visit :)

  3. cutest house guests ever! You taking a pic of Jess, taking a pic of you, taking a pic of your food? Stop. it.
    Seriously guy...suspenders? wow.
    Love all 3 of you!

  4. i love you both.
    sad it's over.
    can't wait til next time.
    come visit me???

    also.....i don't run red lights in real life.
    i do paws for peace though.
    i also punch fear in the face. so i wasn't afraid of that red light.

  5. the desserts. i'm lucky i still fit in that booster. also, i'm going to need the filter specs. because my jeans looks 500 times cuter than IRL. the cufflinks. i secretly wanted to steal them. and run into the red light district.

  6. So fun! :) Love that restaurant!! Can't wait to try it again and stay for those delish looking desserts!! :)
    Also, I think I speed dated cufflink guy... J/K! :) He does look pretty HIP! Haha!!

  7. How dare time go so quickly! I can hear all the laughter now...what an amazing time :)

  8. wonderful!! i thought i would be jealous, but i've got nothin' but love.
    praise jesus for THE best pals.

  9. "I chose to eat" ----DYING. Now I'm craving everything in the world. Which just reminded me of your 5am chocolate cake which I still need to make.

    THE ACCESSORIES. And the tie?! All the yellow? He looks like he got tangled in some caution tape or something.

  10. You guys are pretty much adorable. Oh, and I about peed my pants when I read all the things you love on your side bar...hot dogs. YES!

  11. soooooooo fun.

    you should come down here to visit.

    i promise i do not own a cat. anymore.

    and i will put all my dodger gear in the closet.