Friday, August 10, 2012

10 on 10: August 2012 Poolside Edition

Hello from HOT Arizona.
My sister and I are having our annual get away.
Four day weekend of swimming, sunning, & shopping.
I start looking forward to the next one the day I leave.

Here's a 10 shot glimpse of our day in 110* luxury...

Hotel room coffee. 
FUN to make.
But watery.

Emergency text to my sister while she was working out this AM.
"Bring breakfast. And real coffee".
Even the room coffee bar in the background is shining down on it.

God Bless Arizona.
And their 110* temps.
And off season resort pricing.

Ready for some fun in the sun.
Well, fun in the sunscreen. 
Because SPF 100 is how I roll.

Made sure to get to the pool early. 
Scored a spot in the shade.
Which is crucial for pale girls like us.

Hot dogs are my love language. 
Poolside hot dogs, 
 are pure BLISS.

Followed by poolside diet coke. 
Delivered to my chair.
Just like I like it.

Post pool naptime.
Hot dogs, diet coke, naps.
The trifecta of vacation perfection.

Post nap.
Rested up for dinner.
Follow the chilies to Aunt Chilada's.
Follow the chilies home.
They help you out.
They're nice like that.
You know?

Best flour tortilla chips ever.

Bonus pic:
Arizona skies win, always.

Phoenix, out.

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  1. whoa, the sky pic! love it so much.
    y'all are so fancy. yay for real coffee and sunscreen.
    and please, let this 'aunt chilada' know that she's got a friend in me.
    that food looks amaze.

    ps you are very pretty.

  2. 1) you live a fab life! baseball games, pools, roadtrips with friends! so much fun! (plus you work with two dolphins.)
    2) I am so BUMMED. I kept meaning to email you about the mug swap and was gonna link to it today and...I'm a loser and waited too long. boo. next year.
    3) Miss you.

  3. Sounds like a super fun vaycay day! And I love that you and your sister have a tradition of traveling and hanging out together.

  4. That food....omg.....I am so hungry now

    This seriously looks amazing!!
    Glad you gals are able to get away and relax.
    But seriously, bring me home some chips and all that other yummy stuff that goes with...

  6. I totally forgot it was 10 on 10 yesterday. I didn't even remember until I read your post.
    I need a AZ maybe.
    Lovely shots my dear!

  7. I could not be any more jealous!

  8. You are a really good iPhone pic editor.

  9. You were in my neck of the woods! Well, almost. I'm in Tucson. Glad you enjoyed your time in hot, sunny AZ!