Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wii & Tea

The other day, I sent out an email to a couple of friends:

One, because having a Wii night was long overdue, and two, I needed a reason to make this:

So, I set up shop.

First, the Wii:

And of course, the Tea.

The girls arrived, and we started out with Tea and Eclair Cake.

I loved seeing the mug that each girl picked.
They totally matched their style.

And then it was time to bust a few moves.

We kicked off the night with Gold's Gym Dance Workout - which by the way is choreographed by my Zumba teacher. It's like we were in Zumba class while playing.

The game came with a sweatband.
I require that someone wears it at all times when we play.
House rules.

Another house rule?
Soft feet.
Third floor living doesn't really mesh well with dance workout games.

I think the eight of us burned off the equivalent of a marshmallow.
It lets you know.
It's a big deal when you burn a whole chicken nugget.
But just one nugget.
Between four people.
No ranch dressing or anything.

There was a lot more tea.
Some cow racing.
Duck hunt.
We Cheer 2.
And a little more Gold's Gym Dance Workout.
I think we ended up burning enough for two nuggets.
But probably not enough for a piece of eclair cake. 


  1. um ouch. preapproval? JK. FUN night! and kind of sad i left before reaching nugget status.

  2. hehe good thing you didn't make it tea and wii. Get it? haha sorry...that was bad.

  3. what a fun evening and blog post! I love how you document everything so well :)

  4. Super fun idea!
    I love it.
    But, seriously...one marshmallow??


  5. that's it i'm moving to your neck of the woods.
    i already know which come i'd bring to your party
    (like how i invite myself?)

    i do love this idea. i'm SO gonna steal it!