Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do It Yourself: Painted Headboard - Or have a friend do it for you!

Still working on my post from the past weekend, but in the meantime, here is a throw back project I did in November 2009. I still love it.


I love a good old Do It Yourself project.

But a lot of times I see stuff, and find it way too overwhelming.

But you know what is not overwhelming? 
Having an extremely talented and artistic friend who is willing to take on the adventure with you!

A year ago November, I purchased a new bedding set, and decided it was time to take on the challenge of making a painted headboard that I had seen on Lizzy's Blog.

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and Betsy was home from college.

I invited her over, and she was game for the adventure.

The girl likes anything involving paint.

First up, we picked out paint colors. I went with black and gray.
(exact colors I don't have with me, but I can find out)

I wanted a solid black headboard with a stripe of gray, and an exterior border of black.

I also wanted a swoopy elegant design like Lizzy's.

As Betsy taped. And I directed, we realized that the detail of creating "posts" on the headboard was a bit more than we were capable of.

About 37 different tape configurations later, we went with a basic rectangle.

Simple. Classic. EASY.

Then came the next step - fully taping where we would paint.

Exterior row of tape bordering the entire headboard
2 rows of tape representing the black two tape-width border
1 row of tape representing the gray stripe
1 row of tape to contain the gray stripe

We painted the gray first. Let that dry. 

Meanwhile we painted the interior. 
Then we covered the dry gray stripe with painters tape so we could paint the black around it.

Eventually the whole thing was done, and VOILA, fancy headboard!

I absolutely love the way it turned out.
And it matches my bedding perfectly!

And it really tied together the look of the room - which was inspired by the chandelier painting I hauled back from Ireland. 

Unfortunately, I documented the whole thing using my iPhone - so the pictures didn't turn out super fab. But I think you get the idea!

MANY, MANY thanks due to Betsy for her kind heart, and free labor! 
Betsy, is headed to Cambodia this summer to love and serve others in the name of Jesus. 

Like I said above, she is extremely talented and creative. If you are so inclined, head over to her Etsy store, It's Etsy By Betsy, and check out some of her amazing work!

All of the money she makes off her sales is going towards her trip overseas. Pretty awesome! 

Love ya, Bets!!!



  1. okayyy SO cute. how have i not seen this?? betsy is the greatest. betsy will be coming to the village very soon. :)

  2. Betsy can decorate my shed/guest house. It's located in Jess' hopefully new backyard. :) hehe
    Seriously though, LOVE IT! If I was allowed to paint, I'd do this to my guest room...even though the bed is a blow-up.

  3. Jess - next time you are over I will show you (as long as my room is clean, and the bed is made...might not happen).

    Jax - I believe Jess said you could have a tent. But we can definitely paint on that. :)

  4. So pretty and creative...I love it. :)

  5. wowsa! the end result is fantastic! and it's just so simple!!!