Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 on 10: March 2011

Good Evening Lovelies,
Here is my second month at the 10 on 10!
Loved doing it last month, and loved doing it this month.
Although, I wasn't as stringent with the capturing of a photo each hour, I still think I got 10 goodies!


First off, I woke up to the soundtrack to Black Hawk Down - three helicopters, and two small planes were hovering over my house. 
Apparently there was an injury accident on the freeway nearby my condo.
Like I said, lit-truh-ly above my house.

After I figured out there wasn't an escaped convict hiding under my deck, I started my favorite part of my day. 
My quiet time. 
A hot cuppa tea, and the Word. 
Today I am kicking off reading through Ruth. 

Before hopping in the shower, I started the exciting process of transferring all my files from my PC onto my PINK external hard drive so I can put them on my super cute, super fab, new MacBook Pro.

A quick shower, curly hair (no straightening today, I'm a good #hairrehab-ber), and off to work. Where I settled in with my giant to-do pile, and my favorite breakfast of life: Pineapple Chobani and Deep Chocolate VitaTop. NOM.

After a few hours of work - I headed to visit my parents, and the pups. 
The girls love to greet me at the door when I arrive, waggily tails and all. 
And then it was time to go back to work.
Everyone had settled into their spot for the afternoon.

And on my way out, I snapped this for my sis, who had no idea that there was a gnome in the garden. 
And some gorgeous pansies that received a little shower as I left.

A little afternoon snack.
And I'm gonna warn you, if you ever have this Kettle Corn, it will ruin you for all other Kettle Corns.
110 Calories. 
Sweet. Salty.
Super cute packaging.
I have a bag every day. 
Occasionally it tries to kill me, and I choke on my popcorn. But today, it didn't.

And on my way home everyday I see a Chipotle billboard, just this week they changed it to this new one - which explained my confusion at our last Chipotle Sunday when the burritos arrived in GOLD foil. 
I thought we were just VIP. 
But apparently, Chipotle is just celebrating 18 years of Gold Ingredients.
But good for making legit grillz.

I headed to the Sk-igers for a little hang out sesh - and Jamie walked in with her absurd amount of carry-ons. I thought I had a lot, but this girl put me to shame! She loves herself some Vera Bradley.

And then Ellen, my new MacBook Pro Twin and I hacking into our new toys.

The Cuppa and this blog definitely got the hook up!

<3 <3 <3 Happy March!!! <3 <3 <3


  1. CUUUUTE. i love that popcorn. but it always gets stuck in my teeth. and can you never use the word "stringent" again. NEVER. thanks :)

  2. i don't like popcorn...EXCEPT for that kettle corn. it's amazing.

  3. I'm disturbed by the chipotle sign though...naturally raised's like there's no other purpose for pork- i mean pigs. :)

  4. Lovely pictures! My favorites are those from you quiet time. :)

  5. i love the pictures! i have gotta get my act together and do this for april!

  6. LOVE Ruth!!! We did an awesome series on it last year at church and I keep thinking about watching it again online! : )