Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Skiger Thaigers

Say What?

Jamie, Ellen, and Cindy have a new new place.

Two "news". After a few moldy biscuits walls - they moved out of their "old new" place, and into a "new new place."

And right around the corner is a Thai restaurant that a few of us have been lurking for the past couple of months.

We just never had the chance to go.

So when the Skigers invited me out for Thai - and to check out their new digs, you know I was game.

Best part - the Thai restaurant is called "Thaiger Thai" - how cute is that?


Thaiger Thai is quite possibly the smallest restaurant I have ever seen.
I don't think it was designed for the dine in experience, particularly for a group - however it was still fabulous.

The walls were painted PURPLE, RED, and YELLOW.

LOVED the bright colors.

The lady at the counter was super friendly, and fantastic.

We agreed to each order a dish - family style - and it went as follows:

Cindy: Mango Papaya Salad
Ellen: Pad Thai
Jamie: Pad See Ew
Angela: Red Curry
Laura: Pineapple Fried Rice
Kim: Pumpkin Curry

SO much good food. 

Oh, but we didn't stop there. Cindy got the table our favorite Tom Yom Kar Gai soup, and Laura got an order of Chicken Satay to share.

And Ellen ordered a few Thai Iced Teas.

I think this is a recipe for delicious!

Afterwards, we got to check out their new mold free place.

Laundry room.
Open kitchen. 
Window over the sink.
Visitor parking.
Gated garage.
Mold free.                    (did I already say that?)

Say it with me: UPGRAAAAADE!

Another perk? The Skigers walked. Thaiger Thai is only a few blocks away from the new new place. 

Definite perk. 

Then Laura and I made them spend the rest of the night watching dog videos on YouTube. Totally not weird right?

I mean, watch this, and tell me Denver is not the funniest guilty dog you have ever seen (and totally deserving of the penalty box):

And pure cuteness? Two Corgis on a treadmill (look out for #3 in the background.

And we didn't make them watch this one, but I'm adding it for kicks.

If you don't watch Corgi videos on a regular basis, you should probably start. You are missing out!

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  1. Sooo fun!!! Thanks for the shout out Cup-a-Kim! :)

  2. DYING at the busted dog video. Kayla thought it was hysterical. But not as funny as moldy BISCUITSSSSS.

  3. guilty dog is seriously the BEST. I make all my friends watch it. Loved this post, you are so good at capturing fun adventures in blog posts :)

  4. I LOVE THAI!!!
    Making thai pulled pork soon!!
    One of my favorite things to make.

  5. love Thai food! we have a new spot here, a bit sketchy looking, but we may just try it;)
    dog videos. love. amen.

  6. Thai iced tea is such a find...I always forget about it until I see it on a menu and HAVE to get some. Glad you enjoyed it!

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