Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY: A Bird on the Blog is Worth Two in the Nest

This past weekend I did some serious shopping.
It was pouring rain. I picked up my sister, and a coffee, and an almond croissant from my new favorite coffee shop, Kaffeehaus. And we headed to Burlingame. It is starting to become a routine. Weather included.

She picked up her favorite coffee at The Produce Stand.

Yes, we can't get coffee at the same place. #CoffeeSnobs

And then we stormed the doors of Anthropologie when it opened for the day.

I may have gotten some latte bowls.

And this adorable mug.

And maybe this cute sweater.

And then back in San Mateo, we hit up a cute little boutique, nestled between our favorite yogurt shop and local toy store.

As we were checking out my sister called me to come over and see the cutest display. Two colorful birds in a little wire nest. They were called Tweets. They were like little twitter birds, come to life!

We started laughing because they also had little tags, reading "I LOVE YOU" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and "Best Friends".

My sister and I saw the Best Friends one and immediately thought of our mom:

One day, our mom insisted she had her own Twitter account.

When I called her bluff, I asked what her username was - to which she replied, confidently, "Twitter."

Right. My mom is claiming to be @twitter.

Ellen and Cindy, who's mom is our mom's BFF - have named their mom @twitter2.

They are peas in a pod. Or birds in a nest. Kinda like these guys.

So - speaking of Twitter...

Yesterday, on the first day of {SPRING} Twitter became 5 years old!

Who knew it had been around since 2006?!? Not I.

Although, I saw a link where you can look up your own twitter birthday - mine is December 26, 2007. I have had a Twitter for over three years? Again, who knew?

I love me some Twitter.


I ended up picking up a blue pair of Tweet-Birds for myself. I had really wanted to mix and match colors - but the shop owner wouldn't let me. As I was walking out, I thought, why don't I buy a second set in another color - and then give away one nest!

So I hooked myself up with two sets of blue and yellow birds. One for me. one for you.

I wasn't sure when I would give them away - but since we are celebrating Twitter and all (You are celebrating right? You were out late last night at Twitter's birthday party? You missed curfew? Bummer.) - I thought, why not now?

In this case, the early late bird gets the worm!

Happy {Belated} Birthday Twitter!

And who doesn't like birds? I mean birds make everything cute. Right?


Would you like your own set of birds?

(teacup and party hats not included) 

All you need to do is leave a comment. And you are entered! Contest is open to twitterers and non-twitterers alike! These guys are CUTE!

You can get a second entry by tweeting (or retweeting) about this giveaway - just leave me a comment saying that you did so!

That is it!

Enter before 5pm PDT on Thursday - and I will announce the #WINNER on Friday morning!



  1. #YAY!!!! #happybirthdaytwitter #ilovehastagstoo #ialsolovebirds #pickmeorelse

  2. Awesome!! (and i totally love that video!!)

  3. i didn't even know it was twitters birthday! have you actually been tweeting since 2007????? dang guuuuurl

  4. there is no way i can walk into anthro and NOT buy anything. you know how in malls they pump the air with cinnamon roll smells and fast food smells in the food court so you come buy something to eat?? well i think anthro does that too, but in the form of ridiculously amazing clothes that you want to put on yourself instead of eat ;)

  5. were these from talbots? I love downtown San Mateo for these quirky little finds!

  6. also, retweeted :)

  7. LOVE the @twitter @twitter2 shout out!! Hurray for friendship!! ;-)

  8. #putabirdonit is now my new mantra for life

  9. Kim! Changed profile settings and retweeted #bestgiveawayevery!!!

  10. entered. ps, LOVE the @twitter and @twitter2 shout out

  11. I think your parents want to adopt me. :)

  12. i need those birds!!

    also, I sporadically collect tea cups & anthro is my favorite place to get them! I think 3 or 4 of mine are from there!

  13. I love me some birds too. SO cute!

  14. Those are super cute!

    I had no idea you could find your twitter
    birthday: mine is 9.16.08. :)

    Don't float over there with all this rain.