Monday, March 28, 2011

Chocolate Eclair Cake

You know when your cousins have a grandma, but it's not your grandma?
It's like, kinda weird. 
At least to me.
Anyway, my cousins have a grandma.
And at her grandson aka my cousin's request, she made this amazingly delicious cake.
Chocolate Eclair Cake!

Good news!
It's a no bake cake. 
Or maybe that is bad. I like using my oven.
It heats my house.
Because I don't.
I'm cheap like that.

Although I did use my stovetop for this recipe.
So that counts.

Anyway, it was my cousin's birthday, and he wanted Chocolate Eclair Cake.

I knew I needed the recipe.
And I also needed an excuse to MAKE the recipe.
Good news. 
I found one.
More on that tomorrow. 

But for now.
Chocolate Eclair Cake.

Step 1: Gather Your Gear.
Step 2: Layer the bottom of a 9x13 dish with Graham Crackers
Step 3: Whip up Instant Vanilla Pudding. And Milk.
Step 4: Fold in Cool Whip.  *Side note: I love when recipes tell me to fold things in. We had to take "Foods" in 6th grade - which is essentially cooking, and Ms Mitsuda taught us how to fold. We learned with blueberries. In muffins. It's not that crazy of a concept. But my mind was blown. 
Step 5: Pour half of the pudding mixture over graham crackers
Step 6: Smooth out pudding mixture, and start melting your chocolate. I used the double boiler method. And it's a good thing I started at this point. It kind of took a while since I didn't chop the chocolate into smaller pieces.
Step 7: Layer second layer of graham crackers (is that redundant?)
Step 8: Pour remaining pudding mixture over graham crackers.
Step 9: Smooth. Like a criminal.
Step 10: Layer final graham cracker layer (seriously, can I say layer twice?)
Step 11: Add Vanilla and Corn Syrup to Chocolate Mixture.
Step 12: This is where I kinda goofed. I took the chocolate off the boiler. And added the powdered sugar. Everything got stiff and not gooey. I couldn't mix the sugar with the chocolate. Hot mess. Only not hot.
Step 13: Return chocolate to double boiler, mixing in powdered sugar. Skip this step if you are smart and keep chocolate on the boiler!
Step 14: Mix until shiny again!
Step 15: Pour well mixed, shiny, and gooey chocolate over top layer of graham crackers.
Step 16: Using a greased offset spatula (patting myself on the back for thinking to do that) spread chocolate mixture until smooth. Go fast. It firms up quickly and wont be spreadable.
Step 17: Take a few pictures of your gorgeous creation and refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours, preferably overnight.

Totally yum!

Here is the formal recipe:

Choclate Eclair Dessert
2 - Packages Instant Vanilla or French Vanilla Pudding
3 - Cups Milk
1 - 9 oz carton Cool Whip
Line 9x13" pan with whole graham crackers.
Mix pudding with milk and add or fold in cool whip.
Spread 1/2 of mixture over graham crackers.
Cover with another layer of graham crackers.
Cover with remainder of the pudding mixture.
On top of all this put a final layer of whole graham crackers.
Top with chocolate icing.
Chocolate Icing
2 - Squares Baker Unsweetened Chocolate
3 - Tbsp Margarine (I used butter, and had to use two additional Tbsp)
2 - Tbsp Corn Syrup
1 - Tsp Vanilla
1 1/2 Cups - Confectioners Sugar
Melt chocolate, margarine together and add corn syrup and vanilla.
Beat in confectioners sugar and then spread immediately over final layer of
 graham crackers.
Refrigerate at least 4 - 5 hours.
Better tasting if made the day before serving.

Courtesy of Grandma (not mine) Lee


  1. Oh man...I want this. I want this bad. But I can't. Cuz while a little yummy is good in moderation, I would eat the whole thing in a matter of hours...or an hour.

  2. SUPER yum. especially the chocolate top. YUM YUM YUM. do you have any leftover? don't lie.

  3. so, THIS is what heaven looks like! yummo!

  4. Oh, that looks eeeeeevil.
    I want it.


  5. Kim, it was so good!! The chocolate ratio was perfect!

  6. found your blog from Sugar & Dots, thanks for sharing :) I've had this before and it is DELISH!!!!

  7. Dang it.
    This is sitting in the fridge taunting me.
    Why must I wait and wait and wait and wait to eat it?
    Torture I say. Torture!!!
    Can't wait for tomorrow. Breakfast is about as long as I anticipate lasting.