Monday, March 7, 2011

Exploring Telegraph Hill

My sister, dad and I headed into the City (aka San Francisco) on Friday for her birthday...

I took several HUNDRED pictures (well, the sis took quite a few of those as well on my camera) while there.

I'm going to break them up into a handful of posts to share with you all over the next several days.

I hope you enjoy!!

These posts aren't really in order of the day - just in the order that I edited the pictures!


The last adventure of our day was coming down the East Side of Telegraph Hill (the bay side) after exploring Coit Tower.

If you have never done this - it is one of the most beautiful, serene spots in the city. You are transported to an almost rainforest like atmosphere - among leafy overhanging plants and trees, damp mossy wooden stairs, hidden homes, and some of the most beautiful flora and fauna you will find in San Francisco.

Telegraph Hill may be most famous for its parrots, which if you haven't seen the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill documentary, I do recommend it. You will want to go exploring yourself!

The parrots come and go - and you can see them flying over different parts of the City (we actually saw more of them in North Beach than while we were on the hill). The trick is to listen for them - then look up. They will be there.

They are bright green with beautiful red heads. They fly in flocks, and explore the skies of San Francisco. My grandfather (a bird man himself) actually knew the guy who raised the early generations of these birds.

I only caught one picture of these beautiful creatures that day, and its hard to see their distinct colors - but I still think it turned out as a really pretty shot.

(Click for larger)

The gardens along the path are breathtaking. I think we were fortunate on this March day, not quite spring - but the flowers don't know it yet.

And check out the view:

You never know what treasures you will find along the way:

But be careful - the wildlife can be ferocious:

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more adventure recap!


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  1. Oh wow, that looks absolutely gorgeous! And I would love to be in California right about now instead fo the cold and dreary midwest.: ( Sounds like a fun weekend!