Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturdays are for Housekeeping least sometimes they are.

I try and get the stuff done that I slack on during the week.

Grocery Shopping.
Blog Pimping.

You may have noticed a few new fancies on the bloggie blog!

I now have links on the right - so that you can connect with the Cuppa! (twitter, email, rss)

I made a few tweaks to my button - if you have grabbed it before, you may want to grab the new code. Or if you haven't grabbed it yet, please do!

I also have ADORABLE headers for my sidebar.

Many, many, many thanks to Becky from Adopt Africa Designs - who did my original header and button design and graciously sent me the flowers to make the buttons and headers!

She even is offering the flowers as a free download - and an included tutorial for how to add the sidebar icons! (Which I totally followed - and as you can see, SUCCESS!)

Anyway, she has done some REALLY cute blog header designs, and I recommend you check her out! 

And I'm just telling you this because I truly think so, and appreciate what she has done for this blog!

Thanks Becky!

And now I'll get back to actual housekeeping...



  1. you are a total blog pimp. and for the record, kind of sad i'm not a "friend"

  2. so sweet! Thanks for the shout out! I love love love the faux headboard you painted!

  3. Should we have blog updating parties like the Creative Memories parties you guys used to do. I really need to learn how to do some of this "decorating!"