Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Blessings: Insta Photo Edition

Sunrise. On my way to the Clover. Late. Sorry about that guys.

Trike Parking Only.

Apparently, Hope Kids don't do shoes. Every single kid took theirs off.

Hot Chicks in the classroom next door.
I took Ashy to see them. But she found something else more interesting.

Not Sporks. Formula and Baby Items for Mercy House Kenya.
Ashlyn had not one, but two trikes at church. KK had to help her get them both home.

Chipotle Sunday. At Chipotle. This is a first. But awesome.

Cycletopolis at Elm St.
Boys moved couches. I drove the bike from Elm to Grand. Without a helmet. Please don't tell my dad.



  1. Cool pics Kim.
    What kind of camera you have? I'm looking into the D60. they say it's the bet for the buck. And I actually have my eye on it for a while. But I want to make a smart buy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments.
    Have a great week!

  2. can we get kayla a big girl bike? I think it might be time. Also, we have that same world map rug in our 4-5 y/o classroom! it's so fun with the kids!

  3. bike parking only. OOC. i <3 sundays.

  4. great photos!
    hot chicks. awesome.


  5. Tati - Usually I use a D3000 - which is the baby of the Nikon D "thousand" line. I think its equivalent to the D40. So a step down from D60. I love it.
    But these pictures were all taken on my iPhone and then "filtered" in instagram.

    Boots - both bikes were ashy's. Updated with captions for ya!

    JJ - Poor Ashy - her trike ride from the new house to church is going to need to start at 6am. She should probably start training now.

    Hannah - Glad you got a kick out of that haha!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Looks like fun!

  7. awesome pictures man! I sooo wish I had that takes cool pictures!!!


  8. Great photos, I love the side mirror one!

  9. Great pics and cool processing. And Chipotle...can't go wrong with Chipotle.