Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Beast!!!

My all time favorite picture of the little beast.

I am so glad God gave me you as my sister.
I think everyone else is jealous (they should be).
I am so glad I get to spend the day with you today. 
And I'm glad we have each other to share eyerolls behind our crazy parents back.
And anyone else who is crazy.
(Sometimes I think we are the only ones who aren't)
No offense to the rest of you all. 
I'm glad you let me laugh at you when you are grumpy.
Or when you squeak when you are just waking up.
I love when you let me drag you to TJ's on the weekends. (I know its really your favorite)
It makes me happy that I can walk to your house from mine.
It means more to me than you know that you have shed tears of your own when I was sad.
You are the best dog-auntie in the world.
I owe ya one (and you don't let me forget it) for all the love you give Mylie - especially as a puppy.

My two favorite beasts.
Even though you're my little sister, I know you are always looking out for me.
And I wouldn't mind being like you when I grow up.
Although, it both amazes and terrifies me that you clean teeth for a living.
And I appreciate that you will stop talking about calculus (aka plaque) when I ask you to.
Or beg.
I hope I always have you around.
But ultimately, I am satisfied knowing that we will be worshiping Jesus for eternity together.

<3 I love, love, love you little beastie. <3

Happy Birthday to my BFF. 4-eva.


  1. awwwwwww that made me tear up!

  2. Kim, this was adorable, she is lucky to have you as a sister!

  3. LOVE that little beast. Happy Birthday, Laur! xxoo