Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wii LOVE Cupcakes!!!

Saturday night I had a few ladies over to play some Wii! We busted open my newest game, Gold's Gym Dance Workout. Together, four of us burned the equivalent of a piece of bacon and a chicken nugget. That was the good news.

The bad news was, earlier in the day, my lovely sister (I'd insert a blog link here if she had one...Sister, get one!) and I were shopping in the City, and utilized the restroom at Starbucks. As we exited back on to O'Farrell, Laura freezes, points, and says,
"What is that? Is that a cupcake shop? It is a cupcake shop. We are going there."
with more force and demand than I have ever heard from her. (She is more serious about cupcakes than I am!)

Obviously, I was not going to object. We did a little more shopping, and made our way back to, Cako (really, with the name? Not to mention the fact that their logo looks like it say "caka", anyway). On our way over, we discussed what flavors we wanted and whether we wanted to eat them now, or later. Red Velvet would be a must, but there would be more flavors to choose from.

CuppaKim: What if we just get half a dozen, and then we can pick a few different flavors and we can have them tonight?

CuppaSis: Ok, but how about, we just get a dozen!!!!

CuppaKim: ...OK!

Once in Cako, we let a few customers go ahead of us, since our order was going to be slightly high maintenance...in the end we bought a dozen, and got one free:

1 x S'mores
1 x Caramel
1 x Oreo
1 x Pink Champagne
1 x Nutella
1 x Coconut
2 x Mint Chocolate
2 x Chocolate Strawberry
3 x Red Velvet

Laura brought the Nutella to her husband, Matt. I dropped off a Chocolate Mint to my dad. And that left 11 cupcakes for 5 girls. We MAY have had eyes bigger than our stomachs.

I must also give Laura credit for reminding me to use my cupcake stand - SO CUTE.

And major shoutouts to Cari, who had previously given me these incredibly appropriate napkins:

I think the cupcakes were a hit:

But then again, when are they not?


  1. SO sad that I missed this event. The dessert spread looked FANTASTIC. Next time...

  2. well i definitely missed you! you have GOT to try the new game i have - its like we cheer - but with a twist - i may even like it a little better? although one thing i dislike is that the dance moves have nothing to do w/ the beat of the song - Which is LAME! anyway, for sure next time! :)