Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jett Cakes: Take 2

Last Tuesday, I took an inaugural visit to the Jett Cakes Truck - it was fabulous.

When I returned to work that afternoon, I had one cupcake left to deliver - so I put it in the work fridge. When I took it out to take home one of my coworkers asked what I had, I told her about my Jett Cakes adventure (she actually is the one who told me about Jett Cakes in the first place!)

Anyway, on Friday, she decided to track down the truck and get a few cupcakes for her brother-in-law's birthday - and was kind enough to take orders from the rest of the office!

I had decided that I already had hit my cupcake quota for the week, and passed on the offer. In the mean time, I tweeted Jett Cakes to find out what flavors were offered that day.

I probably shouldn't have done that because what I got back was the following:

Today's flavors: chocolate, choc mint, vanilla, lemon, apple, red velvet, banana nutella, coconut, choc/vanilla swirl, caramel fleur de sel

Do you see that last one? CARAMEL FLEUR DE SEL? That would translate to Salted Caramel. I love salted caramel. LOVE.

So, of course, I emailed my coworker and changed my order - and threw in an extra chocolate mint for dad.

Please do not divide by when I tell you the caramel fleur de sel may be the best cupcake I have ever had, EVER.

The coarse salt was generously sprinkled over the caramel colored icing, which made me a little nervous, but at first bite, the zip of the "sel" paired with the sweetness of the icing was similar to that same experience you get from a chocolate covered pretzel, which leaves your mouth saying:
The cupcake beneath had the most unique texture, the outer edges had a chewiness to them, a little bit like a a crust that had been glazed with a bit of sugar. Combine the two and what you have is a cupcake that is utterly


  1. I must find this truck. Is it around San Mateo?! I need them to have a store, somewhere stationary that I can go visit! Love your new blog!

  2. jamestown: she sells out of cowabunga on Laurel Ave in San Carlos. But her truck is usually somewhere different everyday - if you follow her on twitter you'll know where she is! She has been in SM a few times now!

  3. mmm YES! cowabunga is RIGHT next to my work! can't wait to take my kids there!!