Monday, September 20, 2010


If you live in San Mateo, you know about Yumi Yogurt.

In fact, you probably LOVE Yumi Yogurt.

You are willing to wait in line for 20 minutes in the 90 degree evening heat on the hottest night of summer just for a child's size fro-yo. (You know, when summer nights are actually hot, unlike this year, BOO!)

So, of course, I follow Yumi on Twitter.

At this point, are you thinking, "Where is she going with this, this is not a blog about frozen yogurt!"?

I'm getting there...

The whole point of following the Yumi Twitter is to get the listing of daily flavors (so convenient!).

On Thursday, right as I was leaving on my lunch break to run some errands, Yumi tweeted their day's flavors, including, get this, Carbolite & WowCow Pumpkin AND Cupcake!!!

Suddenly, my errand route included a stop at the Yumi.

I sampled the Pumpkin, delightful as always. I love that Yumi is ushering in the fall season, and I have been feeling fall-ish ever since.

But in the interest of this blog, I got a full cone of Cupcake.

Sweet, tasty, delicious. And, only approximately 150 calories (boosh!).

Not distinctively cupcake-y, but scrumptious nonetheless.

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