Friday, June 3, 2011


Hey Hey!
Slacking and lacking on the blog this week - but that is what InstaFriday is for!

A little glimpse of the every day...

Last Saturday I visited the fam. Mylie was in her happy place. Which is surrounded by family, a toy to squeak, and rolled over on her back like an otter. When she is happy like this, it makes me happy.

Sunday after church I had lunch with a few ladies....Panera. Mediterranean Veggie Sammy.
We sat.
We broke bread.
We already are friends. :)

Sunday after my Cycletopolis, Dave and Marge went to pick up Chipotle. I hung with this little one. And her ridiculously static-y hair.

Monday was a holiday, so me and the parentals headed a little bit south for NorCal's happiest place on earth. Santa Cruz. Ugh. I love that place.

We have been having some gorgeous skies this week - which means one thing.
Sky Parties.
It's my favorite when we have those ripply clouds.

It's my favorite thing to post on InstaGram.

And another one from my bike ride to Target last night.
Just lovely.

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  1. Wow, your pics are GORGEOUS! I love your new bike, I have been wanting to get a new one. Your little pup is sooo cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. OOO the Santa Cruz boardwalk and the sunset/cloud pics...idk what you're talking about- you take great pictures!!! look forward to more InstaFridays!!
    (but thanks for your sweet comment over @ LifeasaPepin)

  3. Your sky pictures are awesomeness! And, santa cruz does rock!

  4. Love that sign. I would love it in my kitchen.

  5. great sunset pics!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!