Friday, June 24, 2011

InstaFriday: A Week Has Gone By

Yep. Haven't posted since last InstaFriday.

Honestly. It's just been too hot to even THINK about blogging.

But then, my friends have suffered the same heat. And blogged. So it's not really a valid excuse.

But, I have baked two treats which I also photographed - so hopefully I can work on those posts this weekend...or something!

Until then...enjoy the view from my iPhone.

My mom showed me the card she "made" for my dad for father's day. It's just a blank card, but the picture is of three puppies playing with a skunk. Our dog growing up got skunked on several different occasions. Dad has had many late night trips to Long's for vinegar and carpet cleaners.

My latest Starbucks obsession is the Venti Americano.
The one you see here is regular.
I slept fine that night.
Next day I ordered decaf.
And was up til almost 2:00am.
I can't figure it out.

Along with my sister, I have been saving my Coke Rewards since 2006.
We cashed in one time before. And she got a cute Nike Jacket.
This time it was my turn!
I ordered fully customized kicks! I love them.
My coke rewards only bought a portion of them. But I still love them.
And SO MANY thanks to all of you guys who generously text me your codes! :)

Like I said, it was HELLA hot this week.
This was just the reading at noon.
Feel bad for us in Bay Area heatwaves.
Most of us don't have AC.

Chipotle Sunday got rescheduled for Chipotle Monday.
I headed to the Johnson's after work, and me, KK and Ashy sat in the warm breeze by the front door eating watermelon slices and playing with toys hijacked from church.
It was lovely.
Nearly a hundred degrees of lovely.

I got home right as the sun was setting, and I love that Jessica described it as a sherbet colored sky.

I also did a taste test this week. For some $krilla! It only took 12 minutes. AND they gave me a cookie when I was done.
Best taste test EVER.

My office is kinda goofy.
We have animals that talk and sing and dance. And quack sporadically throughout the day.
We have a fake picture of a tidal wave going over the golden gate bridge.
We have funny post-its and printouts at each of our desks.
And now, we have a flashing Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

Um, two words:

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  1. Holy Moly, I'm lovin' you new kicks! Your office is pretty cool too.

  2. sherbert skies are fantabulous. also fantabulous, handmade dog cards. i love her. LOVE.

  3. you can't sleep because decaf is from the devil.
    love those sassy shoes. wowza. i kinda quit drinking cokes-if i ever pick it up again, my codes are yerz.
    no AC!?!?! major con. major. so sorry. i would be eating a box of freeze pops every day in that heat.

    yummo fruit!

    enjoy your night, you very pretty lady!! xo

  4. Love that card! I remember the days when skittles got sprayed! I don't know how he managed to do that SO often. Haha good memories :) also reminds me of your spice girls karaoke mic. The time period that is.. not the skunks...