Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggity Blog Blog! A Little Shameless Self-Promotion!

Hey Hey Readers!

Just a little fun slash boring slash lame post to update you on the A Cuppa Kim blog! Just some bloggity blog facts and four-one-one! And yes, a bit of shameless self promotion.

1. Do you follow me on Twitter? If not, you should!

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6. Do you have a blog and want to share your love of A Cuppa Kim with the rest of the world?  Grab my button, the HTML is over on the right!

7. Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know that A Cuppa Kim is an Amazon Affiliate - anytime somebody clicks on an Amazon link and makes a purchase, OR uses the Amazon Search Engine (on the right column, very bottom) - Amazon gives me a small % of any purchase you make! If you are going to purchase something on Amazon, why not start here! As long as it is something not already in your shopping cart, I get the credit (usually a few cents to a couple dollars) WOOT! You can always do the search, put something IN your shopping cart, and order within 30 days and I still get credit.  And major thank you to everyone already doing this!

8. Are you out there reading? Let me know! I'm curious who is popping in to see what is going on! De-Lurk yourself, leave a comment below!!!

8a. Okay, this is a BIG ONE: Are you leaving a comment on the bloggity blog, but not hearing back from me? A lot of the comments I get are set up as "no-reply" accounts, but I want to write you back - Here is an instruction how to fix this! I love getting your comments and I love replying to your comments! There have been a handful of you guys lately - I appreciate your comments, and love to say HEY back!

Alright, that's it for the boring bloggy business. Now go treat yourself to a lovely cuppa tea, and check back tomorrow for the regular programming, this week's InstaFriday post! :)

Gratuitous Adorable Puppy Pic


  1. De-lurking here!

    I've added your button to my Blogs I Love tab. I do really enjoy your posts!!

  2. Officially de-lurking. In case there was ever a question.

  3. I found your blog from my obsessive reading of "Joy's Hope." Thank you for being a highlight of my day. Between the two of you, I am dying to spray paint (or spraypaint?) something. Anything! I just have to let my husband know I plan to spray paint everything we own... it might not go over so well. ;-D Anyway, no more de-lurking for me!