Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Spraypaint Chronicles

Is it Spraypaint?
Spray Paint?

One word?

Okay...just rolling with it.

Apparently, Julie is the spraypaint expert.
A while back, she posted about making THESE.
And I wanted to hop on the spraypaint train, SO. BAD.

But to be honest, I was VERY intimidated.
What do I do?
How do I do it?
Do I spray the INSIDE or the OUTSIDE of the jars?

I have seen a handful of blogs where people see something and think "with a little spraypaint that will look AWESOME" - I don't have eyes that work like that.

So I copy.

Thankfully, the girl sent me her tips and tricks.
Rustoleum brand only.
Use a primer.
Spray the outside.

Simple enough, right?

But then, something else happened.
I saw this tray I have and thought - I would love this SO MUCH MORE if it was just spraypainted a solid color.

I have been wanting a tray to use as a base for the centerpieces on my coffee table - and had the perfect tray, but it didn't match.

Until now.

Here is the tray.
It is from Starbucks.
Many, many moons ago.
I have matching mugs.
And coasters.
But I'm kinda over the flowers.
I want teal.

Please note the Trader Joe's bags for ground covering.

Please also note the fact that I did not exactly cover enough ground.

I will be making another stop at Home Depot to pick up some gray spray paint to cover my tracks.


HOA, don't fine me.


Primed! And discovered a glass jar from my peanut butter that would be a wonderful test subject as well!!

Look at all of those fun colors!!
The jar is actually a lime green - it kinda looks yellow here.

And I bought two teal colors - Lagoon and Aqua.
Unfortunately, they only had these two colors in Satin finish instead of gloss.
I went with the darker color, Lagoon.

So pretty, right?

And when I was inside waiting for the paint to dry...I remembered the coasters.
And how, if they were solid colors, I'd like them a whole lot more.

Please note my new entry way table.
I found it via pinterest.
Please note that it matches my spray paint as well. Haha!

So, back outside I went.

Meanwhile, the tray had dried.
Spraypaint dries relatively fast!

And, I think it came together rather nicely!

And the coasters?
I went multi-colored.
I think they are...

And a full shot of the entry way, coasters, and glass jar...

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  1. I love spray painting. Everything looks so cheerful and beautiful!

  2. I like those! I too go on spray spree from time to time.
    Nice post Kim!

  3. So cool! Amazing job with your project. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.

    - Rust-Oleum Scott

  4. Well now I think we need to sew some fun colored covers for the pillows :)

  5. Amazing transformations! I love the tray and the other fun colors you chose. This is very inspiring for me. (You ought to surf Becky Higgins blog...she spray paints everything!)

  6. I love the jar. I totally am inspired to spray paint some of my old fugly jars and make them pretty!!

  7. I just used that Lagoon on two chairs that were squat dining chairs and they look AWESOME! It's such a perfect color. :)

  8. i need you to come over for your little can collection. and paint everything in my house. thank you.

  9. LOVE! Okay - Rustoleom Lagoon - I wonder if that is at my home depot?? My Lowe's has a pathetic selection.

  10. i love spraypaint!
    your projects are super well done, great colors! xo

  11. love it! I'm inspired to try spray painting when we get to our new digs. adorable.

  12. Be warned:
    now that you have jumped on the
    spray paint train,
    nothing in your home is safe.

    Your projects look great!
    And rust-oleum himself has commented
    on your blog.
    You are LEGIT.


  13. ooooo you're fancy! I LOVE IT ALL!

  14. looks fabulous!

    love the turquoise. brave.

    i've messed around with spray paint a bit, but (like my relationship with texting and the "rotary phone") i am still a fan of my handy dandy paint brush.

    i'm so old skool.