Friday, June 10, 2011

10 on 10: It's Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!

Happy Friday!
Happy 10th!
Happy June!

As per usual, I start out my day in the Word.
And praying for this woman, and people group of West Africa. Every 10th.

A few days ago, I got a new chair mat for my desk.  So I left the old one by the trash can. The night crew will take it away and haul it to the dumpster...but apparently it didn't make it. I have no clue what happened, but it was pretty funny to find it just randomly sitting on the ground in the elevator lobby.

This lady came and visited me on my lunch break - we walked over to Una Mas, enjoyed our favorite Pineapple Thai Burritos and Diet Cokes, and then hit up Starbucks for some coffee (it was FREEZING), and then Nob Hill for a few needed, and not so needed items.

My dad sent me this text - somebody was sad I didn't come visit her for lunch today.

At Nob Hill, I definitely bought a wide assortment of items. I needed parmesan and mayo for the dip I'm making for a baby shower tomorrow, the rest....I just "needed."

Around 2pm, this creeper texted me and asked if a queen sized mattress would fit in my car. I was like, um, probably not....

But said he was welcome to try, and that at the least I had a roofrack that he could rope it to if neccessary.

I didn't think it was gonna happen.

45 minutes later he showed up and we swapped cars for the day.

I also threatened his life. I have ONE car payment left until Ravigail is paid for. 

An hour later, he sent me this text. Him. My car. And a queen sized mattress.
Now I know.  I CAN fit a queen mattress in my car.

And here's me rollin in the Accord. 
I kinda like it.
I might not give it back.

And for dinner, I cooked one of my most favorite things on the planet.
Are you a mayo or butter person?
I'm all about the mayo.
But only on artichokes.
They remind me of summer nights after spending the whole day swimming in my grandma's pool.

And for some freak reason I end up doing my 10 on 10 posts at the Skeigers - this is my THIRD time writing the blog post at their apartment! Kinda weird. 
Cindy, Ang and I are hanging out, eating Yumi, hacking on some MacBooks and watching the Giants.
And Cindy is playing with her new toy, a KINDLE. 
Welcome to Club Kindle my friend!

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  1. This is a fun post! I'm definitely a butter with the artichokes type of girl, for the record, but what I'm really craving now is a Pineapple Thai Burrito. That sounds amazing!

  2. 1. I am a mayo all the way when it comes to artichokes. but only on artichokes, tuna and asparagus. other than that mayo is a no go.

    2. Impressed that tucker fit that mattress in your car, however, can we please note that it looks like he took this picture WHILE he was driving?

    3. What is this dip you are making for tomorrow?! I can't wait to try it!

  3. mylie is cute.

    and i'm glad someone is using some glocal stuff :)

  4. Never would have guessed that mattress would fit. I'm putting artichokes on my menu for the weekend. This is the second time they have shown up. Maybe with a vinaigrette dip,z or butter...but not mayo-I save that for my fries.

  5. Man you look way more fly in our accord than I do.

    I usually do butter for artichokes but recently tried caesar dressing and its our new fave :)

  6. accords all. the. way. baby!
    i love how you start your day.
    such edgy design, that chairmat placement.

    you are so dang cute!
    love you, for reals.


  7. you did not call her ravigail. never say that again. and the creeper called me, too but i ignored him. JKAYYY i didn't get his text until he was already on a date with gail. and i love mayo and butter. on everything. also, i LOVE the text from pops. the picture, the caption. the fact that you call him daddy-o. LOVE.

  8. great set!

    Love the text from your dad!

    Oh, butter please! :o)