Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey, Hey, It's InstaFriday!

You know what I love about InstaFriday?

The fact that it's FRIDAY.

Who doesn't love Friday?

Always have.

Always will.

Here is what I have been up to the last week, a good variety of stuff:

So, unless you live under an internet rock, you probably know last Friday was National Donut Day.
After reading a gagillion tweets about it all day Thursday, and attempting to buy donuts at not ONE, but TWO donut shops to bring to my family and coworkers the next day, I made myself VERY late to work by making a detour at Golden Bell Donuts, where I picked up an assortment of treats for all!
Including an Apple Fritter for myself.
Best Apple Fritter EVER.

The coworkers box:
(They were VERY happy)

Friday night, after work, I hit up the H-Dizzle. Formally known as Home Depot.
For the record.
I hate Home Depot.
Hate with a passion.
I will do ANYTHING in my power to not go there.
Including wait on hold for 20 minutes with Michael's to confirm if they do or do not carry Rustoleum brand spray paint.
They do not.
So H-Dizz it was.
$2.98 per can. I was expecting $9/can. I had budgeted about $30 to spend. So guess what. I got 10 cans.
Hootie to the Hoo!
Do you see all that colorful goodness? (Hopefully more to come on what I have been working on!)

Saturday morning I was up before my alarm. And feeling spunky. And it was raining. Which meant, no biking. And no spray painting. Boo to the Hiss.

But, my favorite little local coffeeshop was calling my name. And so was it's Almond Croissant. Seriously. Best. Pastry. Ever. This is NOT a divide by situation. It is SO GOOD.

I grabbed all of my technology. It was a bit embarassing. iPhone. Kindle. Macbook. But I also brought along my Bible. And spent some time low tech, in the Psalms first.

Loving that.

Later that morning I brought my wheels over to my parents, where my dad helped me put a basket on my bike.

I have mad screwdriver skills, and assembled the bell myself.

Okay I just screwed it on.

But seriously, look at that installation. Well done, I say.

Dad did the basket. I took pictures. And obviously, the dogs offered their support.

Little did they know that I'd be making them model the basket.
Here is Chloe. She shook like a leaf, but stayed in it.
More like frozen in fear. But still. She was a great model.

Mylie is a little bit more strongwilled. And did NOT want to stay in the basket. AT ALL.
She nearly jumped right out of it, giving me a heart attack.
You win Mylie. No more basket rides for you.

Apparently, I did a lot on Saturday. Because, later that day, my sister and I headed into the city to hit up NikeTown and check out some new kicks. But first we stopped at Peet's. 
Um, I have been obsessing over s'mores recipes over on Pinterest.
I could not pass up this s'mores bar.
It was good.
Really good.
But very rich. 
Almost like fudge on a graham cracker. 
And kinda messy.
I may have been walking up Powell St with chocolate on my face.
That is what sisters are for. 
To make fun of you when you do things like that.

And after our trip to the city, I stopped into my sisters where she whipped me up a latte on her Nespresso machine. Seriously. I love this machine. I may be getting one myself in the near future. I have never had a homemade latte like the ones this machine cranks out. To. Die. For. I even bought myself a little pack of travel cups to use at her place.

I headed home and while working on some spray paint projects, enjoyed a delicious cheese plate for dinner.
YUM to the UM.

Sunday night Marge and I biked over to the Johnson's again.
Here is Basket Robbins in all of her Baskety-Bell Glory. 
Isn't she so cute?

Tuesday for lunch, this cute couple invited me over for Tuna Sandwiches. And chips. And grapes. So fun.
And so encouraging.
They have such a heart for PEOPLE. Something that I often lack.
It was encouraging to hear all of the stories they had to share of how God uses them to serve, love, and give to so many. Their generosity overflows.

They even gave me a fancy little dish of vanilla ice cream with blueberries. Too sweet. Literally, and figuratively. :)

I have been known to rock the Horizontal Pony.
I am going to trademark it.
Yesterday, on my way home from work, I decided to throw my hair into a braid.
It doesn't go far.
And so I discovered,
the horizontal braid.
I think I rocked it.

Yup. A lot of bike pictures. A lot of puppy pictures.

Pretty much sums up my life the past week. :)

Happy Weekend Everybody!!

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  1. Apple fritters are the BEST! Happy weekend. : )

  2. I did not know that last friday was national donut day, so sad I missed it. :)
    Cute bike and doggies, I love my beach cruiser.

  3. Apple Fritters are my fav too :) Love the puppies in the baskets- too cute!

  4. annnnd now i am hungry for treats.
    love all your pics-and mz basket looks adorable!! xo

  5. Love you bike, and your bell!

  6. oh do i love an apple fritter. the starbucks ones are THE BEST. but 1,078 calories. boo hoo. and mylie has always been a rebel.