Friday, June 17, 2011

InstaFriday: Summa's Hee-yah!

Ohhh man, I am such a winter girl....
Well, if you do my "colors", I think I'm technically a "spring"...
But summer has arrived!
In full force. 
And my week? 
It has been full of summery goodness, 
that makes me forget about my longing for thunderstorms and raindrops on my windows.

Last week, I found THIS blog, with THIS recipe.
I could NOT stop thinking about it.
I don't have a BBQ, or an adventurous spirit when it comes to cooking meat.
So I sent the link to my dad.
Sunday morning, I got a text from my mom 
"Fathers day barbecue 2day 4pm.! come"

Actually, I got two of that exact text, it looked like this
Fathers day barbecue 2day 4pm.! come
Fathers day barbecue 2day 4pm.! come

When I showed up at my parents, dad was at the store. When he came back, he had a 
green pepper
red onion
and various other goodies!
Hula Kebabs it was!

I prepped the marinade.
I mixed, covered, and marinated. 
And then skewered. 
Which was kinda messy.
Lots of juicy goodness on the floor.
Mylie loved it.
Dad grilled, and then I ate. 
Honestly, this was one of the easiest things I have made. And ranks a 10 out of 10 on deliciousness!
My one tip, would be to double the marinade so everything gets good and covered (we did that).
And after we made it, we realized, we could have used the pineapple juice from cutting up a whole one, and added a little extra juiciness to the mix.
Next time for sure, and there will most DEFINITELY be a next time.

Also, it took a VERY long time between PREPPING the food and EATING the food.
Apparently, my family was on a different schedule.
So I went and got an iced decaf Americano.
Iced coffee drinks are the epitome of a summer afternoon.

On Monday, I got gas.
And REALLY wanted a snack.
After hanging out with Cindy and Angela on Friday - When Cindy kept mentioning some "Vines" type of wine - I kept thinking she was mentioning RED VINES.
Saw this cute little pack, and picked up a RV & DC treat.

Monday night, I took Basket-Robbins out to Target, and totally forgot my bike lock.
BUT, I risked it, and she was fine. 
But I picked up a LOT of stuff, and almost didn't get it all home in her little basket.
Including a box of cherries and a box of strawberries.
These little treats have been the highlight of my evenings. 
Cool and delicious.
And cute in my little Anthro colander.

Summertime = New Shoes.
What, doesn't it?
On that bike ride, I also picked up three new pairs of kicks.
Including these beauts. 
I would have bought them in teal too, except the Target shoe department was a hot mess.
And I could not find my size. 
Shoes were in the wrong size boxes.
Wrong style boxes.
Hot. MESS.

I also busted out my favorite shoes from last summer.
Turquoise strappy sandals.
I wore these ALL through NYC last may.
And got a TON of compliments on them.
You know, from new yorkers and such.
They are just from Target as well.
Also wearing my new swim cover dress from Old Navy that I picked up on the bike ride.
Coral + Turquoise = LOVE
Giants & Sharks. Coincidence?

Before CommUNITY groups on Wednesday night, I grabbed a little dinner.
And enjoyed the warm sunshine.
And afternoon breeze.
It was fabulous. 

At CommUNITY group, we celebrated the LOVELY Grandmum's birthday.
She is one AMAZING woman.
Who loves Jesus.
Truly, in her heart.
And is Jessica's grandma.
For her, we only utilize our BEST cake decorating skills.
We have a high standard at Hope.

And yesterday at work.
These were delivered to me.
Via UPS.
Normally our office gets chocolate covered strawberries at Christmas from our Insurance Agent.
I think I might have sounded a little flustered on the phone earlier this week.
And so he sent me a little mid-year treat.
Fortunately, almost NO ONE was in the office today. 
So I didn't really have to share. 
It's like Christmas in June!

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  1. Gosh, I didn't know they had those shoes in yellow. Dang I have to go BACK to Target. Oh, but I've also had way more luck buying shoes from Target online. You don't have to deal with misplaced boxes and out-of-stock shoes.

  2. visiting from life rearranged...looks like a fun week!

  3. Us Tuckers might have to try hula kabobs broiled in our oven lol.
    You always find the best shoes! Lucky lady with the strawberries mmmm..

  4. CUTE pics! those kabobs look SO good! i think that wine is Wild Vines- they have good cheap fruit flavored wine :) & i like the strappy turqouise sandals!!

  5. Those kabobs look amazing! Totally going to have to try them out this summer...I've never heard of them before!

  6. so when i read "monday i got gas" i thought you meant YOU got know from the dinner.
    and for a whole 5 seconds i couldn't wait to meet you at blog sugar even more because... well... ot was funny. and that meal would have given me... well, you know.

    apparently you got fuel.

    your parents are so cool.
    i am going to be cool like your parents when i have grown kids.
    {i bet that meal gave your parents gas}.

    i need cool shoes. and a cool bike with a basket.
    and to live closer than 45 min away from target.

  7. Hula kabobs? Um...YES!!!
    Those have my name written all over them.
    I'm afraid of the grill, too.
    Most of the time I use my panini-maker
    because I'm a big open-flame chicken. :)


  8. OH, My goodness! Those kebobs look AMAZING! Those would be perfect for a meal Sunday after church! Must try! Yummy. =)
    Kristina J.

  9. I need to try those kebobs! They look delish! Also, I have those same flats in turquoise, do you find them extremely uncomfortable? I love how cute they are but I can't stand to wear them for very long!