Monday, June 27, 2011

The Oreo Cookie Weakness

The Oreo Cookie Weakness is a real thing.

You either have it or you don't.

And I have it.


The other day, I found Oreo instant pudding at the store. So I bought it, without any specific plan for it.

The office prego suggested that it would make a really good cake filling.

Which got the wheels turning.

So, my next Trader Joe's run, I grabbed a few things to go with it...

Have you tried Trader Joe's Vanilla Cake mix?
It is the sweetest, to die for cake ever.
It is not white cake. Or yellow cake.
But Vanilla cake.


It is so pretty, it even has little flecks of vanilla bean throughout.

So I made the cake as the instructions on the box...with a twist.
After it was all mixed up, I crushed about 9 Oreos (or in this case Joe-Joes) in a ziplock, and tossed them into the batter.

And then poured the batter into two 8 inch pans. The box didn't have directions for that size, so I baked for about 25 minutes, plus a few until the cakes were nice and golden.

AND - another twist.

I added a few whole Oreos/Joe-Joes into the cake itself.



The cakes REALLY wanted to stay in their pans - so assembly was a bit of a challenge - but I pieced it together as best I could - and layered the cakes with the pudding.

I used Trader Joe's White Frosting Mix - which I suspect is basically just glorified powdered sugar - and crushed up a few more Oreos/Joe-Joes (maybe 6-8?) and threw them in the frosting. 

Iced the cake.

And decorated with even more...wait for it.


Seriously. If it wasn't overkill before. It is now.

I brought it to work the next day, for Prego's farewell.  It may have given me a cavity just looking at it. (Good thing my sister is a hygienist, she can work on that for me). 

So it's not the prettiest cake I have ever made.

And it wasn't MY personal favorite.

But it did seem to get some good reviews from the coworkers. And prego's hubby. 

So, I call it a success.

And tomorrow? Prego's Twins arrive! I can't wait to hear the report. 

Double the cookie!
Double the fun!
Welcome to the world little ones!


  1. never lets me sign in with wordpress...
    if you want cakes to come out of the pan perfectly, you have to coat the pan (bottom and sides) with crisco and then coat the crisco with a fine even layer of flour. Pam doesn't work for cakes. I've never not had a cake come out perfectly using the crisco/flour method. And it doesn't change the flavor or texture at all.

  2. oh goodness. LOVE oreos. looks like a dandy recipe. pretty sure there's no such things as oreo overkill:)

  3. I am not an Oreo fan. Although my SIL makes a really yummy dessert involving Oreos and whipped cream. BUT I am a vanilla fan and that cake sounds so good! Too bad the closest Trader Joe's is a state away!

  4. Kim... this looks amazing! I'm impressed with the ingenuity of this cake!! LOOKS DELISH!

  5. Wow...what a cake! I'm so hungry now! I like Oreo's, but I only buy them when I make Oreo cheese cake.
    Love Trader Joe's. We have had them in the Metro Detroit area for about 10 years now and I am so happy! Before that my bro in Aliso Viejo would send stuff. (I even took an empty duffle bag on my honeymoon to San Diego to fill with TJ's goodies).

  6. The Oreo Weakness?
    I don't have it.

    mint oreos.
    I'm powerless against them.

    And the peppermint Joe Joe's
    they have at Christmas?
    I could lock myself in my closet
    and eat the whole box.

    But your cake looks
    Nice work, madame baker.


  7. I'm all for this cake. It may not be beautiful but it looks delish!

  8. hi! i found you on blog sugar. i love all your pink stuff! so cute!

  9. OH MY!

    i have it, which is why i WILL NOT buy oreo cookies. i will eat every last one if i do... and now i really want to.

  10. this is hilarious! thanks for stopping by to say hi and hopefully we will meet at blogsugar. i have tons of stuff just sitting in my basement waiting to go on Etsy!!! i am lazy.

  11. lol that's a lot of sugar!!!