Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, as I mentioned.

New, sweet ride.

Two wheels are the new four wheels.

The description says "mint and white"- more like mint & cream.

I was thinking of naming her Mint Chip.

My sister suggested Baskin-Robbins.

My dad said, get a basket, and name her BASKET-Robbins.

Geeky to the max.

Anyway, fun new toy, means playing with that fun new toy!

Sunday morning, I hopped on BR (let's just call her that for now!) and headed off to church! Less than a mile down the street, I was there in only a few minutes!

I hung out with the kidlets this week, and after service, biked back home (read: into the wind).

After a quick lunch with some friends, Margaret came over, and since I had my old bike and new bike, she and I biked to get groceries! It is only a little over a mile to Trader Joe's, and my old bike has a basket!

Thankfully, I have two helments. One to match each bike.

It is very important for your biker street cred to be color coordinated.

After conquering the streets, and trying unsuccessfully to get the other bike riders we encountered to join our bike gang, we had the confidence to bike to the Johnson's new place for Chipotle Sunday dinner!

Based on the GPS on my phone, it was a little over a 3 mile ride each way.

Thankfully, Margaret snapped a few pics of our awesomeness.

One bike has to stand on one wheel to fit everybody in the elevator.

We are pretty intense out there on the streets.

Nobody wants to mess with this biker gang.

It only took us 16 minutes to get there! A lot less than we had anticipated. There are a few intersections of death, but thankfully, we survived.

After a lovely dinner, and some delicious Yumi, oh, and another game of poker, we needed to head back before the sun totally set.

The rough part is, heading back is almost all into the wind.

As we gathered our gear, and were about to hit the streets, some crazy Paparazzo with a D90 showed up and tried to get some action shots of us with our sweet rides.

We took a few practice loops around the roundabout and headed back.

Despite the 20mph NNW winds, we survived.

And it only took us four minutes longer on the return.

Serious biker street cred if you ask me.


  1. love it. your new bike is so cute. just like you. :)

  2. you guys definitely rocked the bikes, me not so hot on bike but I blade and when baby is out of belly I will join the gang if you include bladers :)

  3. yep. basket robbins made me guffaw.
    also, it made me wake up my son. no big.

    your bike is the sweetest ride!! total street cred, you own it.

  4. Basket Robbins...winning!!
    I love your biker gang!
    Any biker gang that stops at
    Chipotle is one I'm going to have
    to join.

    But if the initiation is
    having my picture taken with my helmet on
    then I may have to reconsider.
    I am seriously NOT cute with that thing on.