Friday, May 6, 2011

InstaFriday: The Most Gorgeous Week Ever

If you lived in the Bay Area in the summer of 2010...

or maybe even you visited...

the chances were, you may have thought that you were actually visiting during the winter.


Technically, it probably wasn't cold.

But it felt like it never warmed up enough to be legitimately called summer.

Anyway, this past week seems to have given us a little reminder of what summer is actually like.

Leaving for work in the 60's. Lunch breaks starting in the 70's and ending in the 80's. Driving home from work in the 90's. And then warm summer nights back in the 70's.

I'm not really a huge fan of hot weather. But, I think my favoritest thing ever is a warm night where you don't need a sweater, and you can drive with the windows down.

I guess if this is all the summer we see this year, I can be content with that.

It was that gorgeous this week.

But here's to hoping this isn't all we see....

Sunday morning I went to get something out of the Hope Van. I was accompanied by a little helper. Unfortunately, she had motives of her own...she tried to hijack the van and drive herself to the Disney Store. The girl has a habit of knowing she wants to go somewhere, and then actually getting there. Thankfully, I had the keys.

My own personal crack dealer sugar mama, Jessica, hooked a sister up with crack butterscotch pops. MUCH MUCH needed. They get me through the long afternoons. I am addicted. So mega thank you for that.

Monday after work, I went for a run. It actually ended up being more like a walk. But, it was exercise nonetheless. The best part is I leave when the sun is starting to set, the whole thing is gorgeous. And when I walk back, the sun had just dropped behind those palm trees. Gorgeous.

Tuesday, I ate dinner, and was getting ready to head out for another run/walk, I caught some new reflections in my house. I had my blinds all the way open which usually I have partially closed, so it was pretty awesome.

After that I hit the pavement. Another gorgeous, and even warmer night.  I left a little earlier this time, so I got home just as the sun was setting. It's like the reward for a job well done.

Wednesday night we had Hope CommUNITY groups, so after I left work I had a few quick errands to run. This was the "settled" aka real temperature that my car was reading. Ridiculous. Amazing. All in one.

And when I left Grandma Jean's, it was still 74 degrees out. Perfect opportunity to drive home with the windows down. My favorite.

And last night I got one more run in this spurt of gorgeous weather. Rumor is the weekend may hold rain. I wont lie and tell you I don't love the rain....but right now I'm cool if it decides to leave us alone.

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  1. Visiting from life rearranged.
    I love your photos, their are gorgeous!

  2. love your pix.

    i need to get in on this instafriday! even if i don't have a fancyshmancy phone.

    we were at 91 at my house yesterday too.

    but we're cooling back down.

    i'm just so happy to be getting some spring here in my neck of cali. this time of year we typically go from 60's to 90's bypassing spring.

  3. GORGEOUS weather.
    (fact: sees butterscotch and latte pops are my fave. whenever i see a little uniformed candy peddler at a mall, i drop cash for that crack, er, candy, and eat 'em all.)

  4. This was the BEST weather week EVER.
    We commented many times that it was so
    much better than last summer.
    I wanted a do-over from last summer.

    You're so right: driving with the windows down
    and sleeping with the windows open
    is happy stuff. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. no post run core workouts? come on :)

    and this week=the best ever. love driving with the windows open, hair in the face, and having to use the overhead fans in my room at night. hopefully summer will hold much more beautiful weather like that!

    love you!

  6. i secretly want her to drive that van far away. is that bad?

  7. awesome was the weather last week? This week doesn't look so is SO windy here!