Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where You Been, CuppaKim?

No blog in over a week?


I guess you could say I haven't had a lot of material.


Too much material.

No time to blog?

Or lazy?

A little of both.


Here is a little update.

Last Saturday, Laura, Margaret and I headed out to the Maker Faire.
I was expecting something a little bit nerdy, a little bit rock & roll.

Unfortch, I got a lot nerdy. And um, the closest thing to rock & roll was some strange guy singing his own scream-o karaoke into some weird microphone that put lightning bolts on the screen, while he dj'd from his own computer. I didn't really get it. And I left that exhibit quite quickly.

There were also cupcake cars.

And a neon light show exhibit. Which I did like.

As for the rest?

Um, well, I guess I can say, I have checked the Maker Faire of my bucket list.

Not that it ever really was on it.

But I'm set for life on that one.

Then Tuesday, a group of us headed to the Giants game again! Woot! Woot! AND, my mom went to her very first game at PacBell SBC AT&T Park!!! Props to Marge for sharing her beanie w/ my mom - it matched her knitwear ensemble perfectly.

I also played a bit of poker...and DOMINATED. My poker name isn't "All in Kim" for nothing!

Then Monday night, Jessica invited me to crash her dinner plans with these fabulous ladies.
It didn't take much convincing.
It also was a bonus that we were going to Cheesecake Factory.

Wendy told us the story of how her own cousin survived the tornado in Joplin, MO. And lost everything. She is organizing an amazing fundraiser through her blog, "Shop for Jop" - which is kicking off in a week! I am excited for such a tangible way to help a friend help her loved ones.

And, after 3 summers of agonizing over whether or not to purchase a beach cruiser - I found a deal I could not refuse, and with the final push from my sister, committed! My sweet ride arrived yesterday, and one of the perks of having a bike mechanic as a dad, is um....that he is a BIKE MECHANIC. So when it says assembly required, all you have to do is call dad! :)

But don't worry - I pumped up the tires. I'm pretty good at that.
A little too good.
I was about to load my bike to take it home, and my dad was like WHOA WHOA WHOA your tire is about to blow!


And I opened the box.
And handed him wrenches, and grease. You know. Bike mechanic assistantly duties.

I'm pretty good at that too.

Anyway, it's a sweet ride for sure.

So you see, a lot going on.
Just not a lot of blogging.
Consider this a little catch up post!!



  1. well, well. the maker faire. um, better you than me! lol
    sahWEET cruiser! also, you are cute as a bug in a rug.

    can't wait for wendy's shop jop!
    (and maybe someday you can teach me poker!)


  2. well, there you at! tire's not flat. did i just type that outloud? i think i belong at the maker faire geek exhibit.

  3. yeah, i would make a special trip to the faire if you were in the exhibit...

  4. at least the cupcake and muffin are kinda cool but your new bike is way cooler!

  5. two thoughts: The first and last game my mom went to was the Loma Prieta Earthquake world series....her and my dad were in the upper sections...ouch!

    Don't you love meeting w/ people that you have been tweeting or reading their blogs about? I met two girls in Vegas in Nov and March! VAL

    We have a blast now--the new pen pal. Which I never had but always wanted.

  6. Love your bike and your mom is too cute!